Conservative-Republican-Patriot Meld… No Third Party.

As much as the Democrats/liberals/progressives/greens/socialists/communists (calling them what they are makes them mad) would love to drive a wedge between the Republican Party and its patriot components, the newly activated grass roots Independents and ‘Tea Baggers’, it looks like they will be disappointed again.

As usual, the statists took exactly the wrong message from the Tea Party Convention. What they reported on was Sarah Palin’s crib notes, ignoring the fact that she delivered a near flawless address of 40 minutes to universal acclaim, both at the convention and across the nation, with six words scribbled on her hand, while Barack Obama can’t speak to sixth grade students without his teleprompters and has trouble delivering two cogent sentences extemporaneously. Further, they isolated the presentation of featured speakers to make the messages appear as divisive as theirs is. What they missed in their eagerness to trash people like Sarah Palin, Tom Tancredo, Andrew Breitbart and others, was the UNANIMITY of purpose and the consistency of the message.

Sarah Palin

Unlike the mental and philosophical lockstep demanded by liberal dogma, Conservatives can and do disagree… sometimes vociferously. But they have one thing in common that the statist lacks and furthermore, cannot comprehend. It’s the PRINCIPLE of Patriotism, a deep and abiding love of the country and the freedoms that have been gained and maintained for us at so great a cost. It’s a love for the wisdom of the founders and those most miraculous of all documents, inspired by God and given to the hand of these wise and Godly men. Our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights.

That’s what has been re-awakened across these fifty United States. It’s why the statist/liberal/Marxist ideology will fail. It’s why we will sweep the Democrats from power in November and why Barack Obama will be a one-term President, remembered only as an unpleasant blot on history.
To the chagrin of the left there will be no third party. There will be one party, one people united in purpose and in our love for this GREATEST country on Earth.
God Bless America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010