More Clown College Antics.

If it weren’t so comi-tragic in these days of the constant threat of terrorist penetration of our vaunted ‘national security’ apparatus, it would make a great sit-com… or a third-ring, floppy-shoe, fright-wig clown act.

We have a Justice Department trying to be the CIA, FBI and  NSA all in one delightful package, under our intrepid and totally inept Attorney General Eric Holder. It’s one grandstand play after another, trying to set up MASSIVE show trials on American shores in order to give sterling individuals, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a year long showboat opportunity to spiel his vitriol in front of the cameras for all of this country’s avowed enemies to see.

Obama And Eric Holder

Now, Obama’s ever-dense administration has finally gotten the message from the American people that we don’t want these people tried in civil courts and we REALLY don’t want terrorists Mirandized so that they can clam up, holding vital information that conceivably could reveal attacks pending against US citizens and interests. The “Christmas Bomber” was only unsuccessful by accident and ineptitude, otherwise another 290 passengers and crew would be dead.

The CLOWN COLLEGE persists in dealing with the international war on terror as though it were some sort of municipal parking problem. There’s a huge credibility gap between what the Obama administration and his National Security Adviser and deputy have been telling us, and what our own good sense and powers of observation are telling us is the truth.

They just don’t get it. They keep underestimating and selling the American people short. They keep getting caught, but they keep going back to that well again and again. Sort of like Obama using George Bush as the ultimate evil facing his Presidency, when the real bogey man is Obama himself.

National Security Adviser General Jim Jones was made to look positively lame by Chris Wallace in a Fox News interview. When defending his deputy John Brennan’s asinine contention that because our American penal system has around a 50% recidivism rate,  a one-out-of-five rate of released or relocated terrorists returning to the battlefield to kill more Americans or innocents is somehow ‘not so bad’. I was all but speechless when I heard him say that. The thought that kept going through my mind was, “what the hell is this guy doing up there?”

Obama’s administration says an awful lot about him unfortunately. The CLOWN COLLEGE would be funny if the stakes were not so high.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010