Clear And Present Danger.

While American Marines, soldiers, NATO allies and Afghan troops put their lives on the line against a truly vicious Taliban foe, to free Afghanistan from their yoke of oppression and deny the Taliban their base of operations, President Obama is planning to steal YOUR freedoms…again. While our troops fight to uphold the principles of freedom, Obama steals around like a thief in the night.

Behind closed doors, with no press or other witnesses present, President Obama put every single taxpayer in this country ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS DEEPER IN DEBT! No fanfare on this one folks. No hysterical lapdog media breathless pronouncements of his brilliance and genius. Just more debt enslavement for you, your children and if he gets his way, their kids also.

With the stroke of a pen the President increased the debt limit of this country by ONE POINT NINE TRILLION DOLLARS from 12.4 trillion, an already unsustainable figure, to a mind-splitting 14.3 trillion dollars. This money is sure to be more pork smorgy and bribe (whoops) political-payback government feel-good money which will do nothing towards private sector job growth, in fact the opposite.
I warned about this before. Obama is acting like a petulant youth who has been punished by his parents and is scheming ways around them. He is desperate and dangerous.

The other analogy would be that of a cornered animal. The facts are that Obama is planning to bypass the will of the American people and the Constitution of the United States, to rule by fiat and decree like some of the third world thugs he so admires. The Constitution clearly defines the duties of the executive branch. Making law is not one of them… no not even close. Yet that is what the Anointed One intends to do. We should be burning up the wires to Washington with our calls, letters and emails of protest. He needs to know, his administration needs to know and the Congress needs to know that we will not stand for it.

His plans for getting by executive order that which he was denied by the citizens, taxpayers and patriots of this country will have dire consequences. If he thought he saw tea parties before… he would see such an uprising as this country has never seen.
We remember Adolf Hitler, Mao and his Red Guards, Stalin and Pol Pot. We see Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. These people all ruled by fiat and decree also.
Don’t look for it to work here Obama, Americans are watching and we are ready to march.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010