Obama’s Scorched Earth Policy.

With his entire legislative agenda frozen in Congress and not likely to go anywhere soon, our President is dusting off his best Hugo Chavez imitation and is preparing to govern by decree. Everything the American people have told him in none too uncertain terms they want NO PART OF, the White House is preparing to end-run by utilizing executive orders. The ever-unsavory White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stated that they had a list of executive orders and directives ‘across a broad front’ of issues.

Rahm Emanuel And Tim Geithner

All recent presidents have used executive privilege to one degree or another, but none have dared to abrogate the will of the people this flagrantly should Mr.Obama attempt to go this route. Increasingly unpopular President Obama could be sealing his fate as a one term president if he goes ahead.

Attempting to APPEAR to be willing to include Republican lawmakers in bi-partisan heath care talks, insultingly excluding them for over a year, may play well with some inside the beltway but not likely to be with Republicans, who are constantly being reminded by constituents and the millions of Conservatives and Independents who make up the new American Revolution that we want nothing of the President’s agenda, not one tiny bit.

Americans, stung by lies, deceit and backdoor deal-making, will not warm to the Democrats games anytime soon. Furthermore, Obama’s image as a ’strong leader’ and a president ‘able to get things done’ took a severe nose dive among Independents, according to a January Pew Research Center for the People and the Press report.

This could be one of those defining decisions. The sort he may not be able to back and change, as he’s doubled back on so much of what he’s done thus far.
It’s likely the American people won’t let him either.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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