Obanostic… Bohica – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!

To paraphrase Sarah Palin, “How’s that hopey changey thing workin’ out for ya?”
Mr ‘No family making less than 250,000.00 dollars will see a tax increase’.. ad nauseum. Now Mr Presidential Chameleon has come up with another mind-torturing shape change. Our wonderful leader has discovered that he is ‘AGNOSTIC’ to tax increases for the “middle class”, whatever his definition of that may be this week.

Our nouveau deficit hawk is fresh from his most recent bi-partisan entrapment attempt, complaining that the Republicans didn’t want to come out and play. Obama was seeking political cover for his latest money pig-out, asking for EIGHTY BILLION dollars for ‘jobs’. If you’re a Democrat you know you’re in trouble when one of your own statist media organs (AP) looks at your ‘jobs’ bill and says it won’t create many jobs.

Knowing that the Democrats were only too happy to set them up as being the party of ‘NO’, the Republicans neatly sidestepped the ploy.
The ‘tax’ cut provisions of the bill were something that would only appeal to someone who had never worked in the private sector, run a company or had to make a payroll. Therein lies the rub for Obama’s administration. There simply is no one to tell them ‘heck no’, it just doesn’t work like that. Few, if any, people in the White House have ever held a private sector job and have little understanding of the economic engines that actually drive job growth.

Harry Reid Speaks To The Media After Scrapping The Bipartisan Jobs Bill

Other provisions in the bill are more transportation make-work union paybacks, and possibly the only part of the proposed legislation that may have validity, further extensions of unemployment benefits for those who have been unable to find work.
With a stagnant economy there are approximately six job seekers for every job out in the private sector. The only job growth has been in the public (government) sector which has a direct negative effect on private sector job growth.

Along with the tax increases, the administration is seeking cuts in spending for entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare… sure to be an extremely unpopular issue with the country’s seniors. A huge voting block that up to this point had been reliably Democrat.

Of course, a REALLY courageous leader and his party could find much of that money by removing many of the multi-layered and redundant agencies and bureaucracies which glut our government, and by reducing the truly insane regulatory burden being placed on American business.
Naturally, that would probably make too much sense. As would CUTTING TAXES. It’s easy, Obama.
You want to create jobs? LOTS of jobs? CUT TAXES.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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