Republicans! Beware Of Obama’s Move To The Right.

Be wary… be very wary. There are a number of gutless Republicans who would like nothing better than to be thought of as ‘reaching across the aisle’ to find some sort of accommodation with the White House, so as not to be seen as the ‘party of no’. Any Republican who thinks that this may be a good idea has missed the entire message of the Conservative Republican revolution and the Tea Party movement.

Obama’s sudden ‘willingness’ to work with Republicans in a bi-partisan effort to resurrect health care from the legislative trash pile where it resides now, and deservedly so, should be viewed with extreme caution.
An old Texas cowboy I was once with on a mining venture  told me, “Son, when you’ve got a rattler in the high grass around camp, you’d best know where it is and that it bites”.

The message we sent to the administration, both the Democrats AND Republicans in Congress, was NOT that we wished that benighted health care legislation to be repaired, ‘fixed’ or otherwise incremented into law. The message we sent, are sending, and will continue to send, is that we want nothing to do with Obama’s monstrosity at all. The Republicans who have been insisting that the entire stinking mess be scrapped and that we need to start over from scratch need to stick to their guns. What is wrong with health care is not our medical health system. American medicine is the finest in the world.

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams – Pleased To Receive Treatment In The United States.

Single payer disconnect: What does a Prime Minister of Newfoundland, a province of Canada, one of the left’s oft-lauded examples of the glories of single-payer health care, do when he is in need of heart surgery? Does he turn to the Canadian Health Service? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Rather not on HIS life. He came here to the United States for his medical care as do people from all over the world. Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is very glad it was here for him. Can anyone guess why he didn’t trust his life to the CHS? Could it be the SIX MONTHS TO A YEAR wait for a surgeon or the inadequate care? You bet it was! This is what Obama the radical ideologue and his cronies want for you.

What’s wrong with our health care system can be summed up in one word… GOVERNMENT. It’s government interference on every level. It’s lawmakers who have permitted and abetted the trial lawyers who have driven the cost of practicing medicine through the roof. Added to the government mandated and price fixed medical entitlements, it is a recipe for disaster. The straw men that the left loves to throw out there are the big bad insurance companies. Insurance companies have their issues but they are for-profit companies responsible to their shareholders. By and large they serve their policy holders well. They are also victims of the runaway trial lawyers and the MASSIVE interference of the government.

The Republicans in Congress would be well advised to stand firm. BE the party of NO. That’s exactly what we are calling on you to do. Take the message of the Tea Party Convention to heart. There can be no accommodation or deal making with a radical ideologically driven government.
You can’t stand for it… WE WON’T stand for it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010