H1N1, Obama’s Pandemic That Wasn’t – ‘Nuther Snow Job.

How far would Barack Obama and his administration go in order to gin up support/panic for his signature health care legislation? If you’ll remember, the grandstanding and informational blitz for the ‘UPCOMING’ H1N1 started back around January and February of last year. The Democrats were shouting from the roof tops that “THE PANDEMIC IS COMING, THE PANDEMIC IS COMING”. We HAD to have health care passed right now! Sounded an awful lot like the bleating that was going on with the ’stimulus’ didn’t it? We absolutely, positively had to have it or the banks would collapse. Wall Street would fold up and go home and the economy would collapse.

As such things usually do in the light of sober reflection, it is apparent that we would have been SO much better off had we simply allowed the banks, the investment houses and the auto manufacturers to fail and go into bankruptcy, which is precisely why the bankruptcy laws had been written into the Constitution in the first place. The market place would have adjusted, reorganizations and bankruptcy courts would have adjudicated and the void would have been filled, because nature abhors a vacuum.

As it was, we allowed the ‘leaders’ who had us dead in their sights, with SAP written all over us, to panic the country into the MASSIVE PORK FEED that is the stimulus and every single ancillary piece of paper that has come out of Washington remotely associated with it. Keep in mind that many of these so called leaders are the very ones who knowingly fostered and promoted the very factors that created the situation to start with.

In any given year in this country there will be approximately 36,000 deaths from influenza (CDC figure). In any given year world-wide there are between 250,000 to 500,000 deaths from influenza. If you add up all the space given to the ‘approaching’ pandemic, in the shameless and cowardly effort to promote the THEFT of our freedoms through these scare tactics, it would come to tens of thousands of column inches.

Pandemic FACT. To this date a total of 14,286 deaths have been attributed to the H1N1 virus WORLD WIDE. There are approximately 43,000 deaths caused by auto accidents every year in this country alone.
Seen in this light it’s sort of like the PANDEMIC that wasn’t, promoted by the presidency that ISN’T.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010