9.7% – What’s Wrong With That Figure?

Like every thing else about this Obama Presidency and administration, nothing is straight forward. It’s always a conjuration of smoke and mirrors. It’s just like Rush Limbaugh used to say about the Clinton administration, “These people get out of bed in the morning saying to themselves, ‘HOW CAN WE FOOL THEM TODAY?’ “

Fact is, it’s getting a lot harder to do. The leftists can no longer depend on calling up the same old reliable chimera time after time to bend issues and opinion to their will. Some of their favorite issues just aren’t playing like they used to and in a strange case of role reversal they just don’t seem to grasp what’s happened to them.

‘Seasonally Adjusted’ Unemployment Variance.

The unemployment figures are a good example. After shouting to the heavens that if we passed his 787 BILLION DOLLAR stimulus, unemployment rates would not go above 8%. Well, billions and billions of absolutely wasted dollars later we have 10.1% unemployment, which has magically gone down to 9.7% despite the government’s own ‘adjusted’ figures for last year, showing an increase of unemployment from about 7.5 million jobs lost during this recession to EIGHT POINT FOUR MILLION. Jobs lost in December were revised from 85,000 to ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND.

Umm, 9.7% ? Ok, if you say so. But then Obama is desperate and grasping for anything that will make his DISASTROUS Presidency just a little less catastrophic. He was forced to admit that his grandiose attempted RIP-OFF of ONE SIXTH of our total economy and the virtual enslavement of the people of this country is a failure. It was the pillar on which the rest of his Marxist dreams resided, ie: CAP and TAX, though we have to somehow prevent the EPA from passing it piecemeal through regulatory fiat. A Republican majority would do well to DEFUND AND DISMANTLE THE EPA!

Then there is that perennial Democrat dream of amnesty for about 20 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS residing in this country, burdening our tax systems and our citizens to say nothing of our national security. It’s too bad for Obama that Americans are so stubborn and so wedded to our freedoms that his promised socialist nirvana had no appeal, except to the permanently disaffected ten or so percent that is present in virtually any society.

Add to that the change that was brought about by the information technology revolution of which this column is part and as they say, the rest is/will be history. The battle is not yet won… in point of fact it has barely begun. But there is a clear path we as Conservatives have to follow to ensure that our country never again comes this close to allowing a totalitarian regime to gain power here.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010