Cortex Loses Its Courage.

One of the many sites on which this column is posted is/was Political Cortex. In the beginning we were on half a dozen or so sites and Political Cortex was one of them. It really sort of surprised me given the decidedly left-leaning bent of most of the articles and comments on their site. Wonderful I thought. A leftie site that is fair enough to accept other points of view and said as much to Dee, who at that time was my helper, as I’m absolutely thick when it comes to IT stuff. The IT staff at work see me coming and they run shrieking from the building.

Since then, Dee’s roll has expanded to encompass everything that makes this site successful. It’s a lot of hard work and she does it very well and with unfailing good cheer and humor. I used to bookmark the sites we are on until they filled the page and obscured the screen. I’m not sure even now exactly how many we are on because we’re being picked up by news outlets and blog sites around the globe.

I have YOU, the reader and lovers of freedom everywhere, to thank for that and am grateful and humbled by it every day. The United States has always represented a beacon of freedom for all peoples and I believe there is a yearning for freedom that exists in the heart of every human being no matter how severely repressed or oppressed they may be.

Today I got a note from Dee that our column for Wednesday 2/3/10 had disappeared from Political Cortex along with every single archived article of ours on the site going back to September 25, 2009. Inquiries to Political Cortex administration by Dee were met by silence… sort of like calling your Democrat member of Congress. A little tongue in cheek there, but I couldn’t resist.

Short Subject

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s their site and they can do with it as they choose. However, articles of mine have been picked up off of their site and FEATURED by news outlets and blogs around the world. It was obviously an asset to their circulation and helped us in getting the message out. Let’s face it, the loss of one site is not going to affect what we do one iota. We add new sites virtually on a daily basis.

What was behind Political Cortex’s action bears a little exploration. My editor has suggested three possibilities:
a.The editors or staff at Political Cortex took so much heat from other contributors that they felt they had to cancel us.
b.They took heat from outside sources (other left wing blogs or organizations) and felt like they had to respond.
c.Interference from the administration.

I’ve stated that I don’t have a lot of patience with conspiracy theory, so I think that administration interference is unlikely. I don’t think their reach is that long yet and they have their hands full with an Obama Presidency that’s falling apart around their ears and a Democrat Congress and agenda that is imploding.

POLITICAL CORTEX’S action is sadly so very typical of the left’s inability to tolerate any views but their own.
This column is, and remains, solidly Conservative in its views and opinions. Our mission continues to be to cast the light of truth and freedom in the defense of our Republic.
God love you all, and God bless America!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010