Obudget? Oh, Brother! Hold On To Your Wallets – Job Destroyer Inc.

I’m running out of superlatives again. It’s getting to be a barometer of NATIONAL LUNACY, as played out by the White House and the Congressional Clown College. While Obama is taxing the exact segment of the population where job growth is created, just about guaranteeing negative job growth in the private sector, the House Madam, Nancy Pelosi, is spending millions of taxpayer dollars in travel, food and booze for herself, her family and political cronies, while the country is scrambling to find work and scrabbling to survive. The corruption in this government is astounding and DISGUSTING.

Barack Obama announced the budget for 2010 today and it’s still burning holes through the floor…THREE POINT EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS!! This dude is DELUSIONAL. Or as is beginning to become more likely and more apparent, this man is purposely and purposefully driving this country to ruin so that he and his extremist party may profit from the resulting confusion and ruin. The deficit for 2009 was fully 1.413 TRILLION dollars, the highest since World War Two. But hold on to your wallets and purses ladies and gents, I’m not finished yet. The federal budget deficit for this year, with the highly accomplished organizer at the helm, is ONE POINT FIVE FIVE SIX TRILLION FRESHLY MINTED DOLLARS. But all is not lost, take heart because our intrepid budget-cutting leader has identified TWENTY BILLION dollars he will fearlessly slash.

Barack Obama speaks about his budget for fiscal year 2011.

Meanwhile, his plans for your economic misery for 2011 encompass a modest budget of THREE POINT EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS.
Since the Obama administration ‘expects’ a 2011 budget shortfall of ONE POINT SIX TRILLION DOLLARS, expect that to be a lot closer to two trillion.
By the way, the President has had the White House inform Senator John Kerry that the 2011 budget ‘assumes’ income from the controversial climate policy approach (cap and trade) which would appear to be dead on arrival given the catastrophic failure of the attempted theft of 1/6 of our economy through the single payer heath care bill. It looks like we can expect them to try and SNEAK all or parts of the detestable cap and tax bill past us. But sneaking and lying are a strong part of the Kerry resume. We can take absolutely nothing for granted with this bunch… not for a moment… not for a split second.

While the Republicans are putting up their 10 point program we have to remember and remind them that this is not a Republican revolution… this is not a Tea Party revolution… it is a CONSERVATIVE Republican revolution. It’s a Conservative revolution. It’s an Independent revolution. It’s a revolution of loyal, patriotic Americans who are sick and tired of having our money stolen, our freedoms abridged and taken and our Constitution violated. WE ARE FIGHTING MAD! But we have to remember… we have this year to get it right. This year there can be no RINOs, there can be no accommodation with evil. We have to put up a strong united front. The old style Republican party insider stuff won’t play any more. It’s your party, take it back.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010