Illinois, The Next Massachusetts – Obama Tries To Bluff GOP.

Here we go. The primary election is February 2, 2010. The unfortunate Roland Burris’s  US Senate seat is up for grabs… appointed by the disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich. Burris was unable to garner support for a re-election bid and so announced his retirement.

Illinois Conservative patriot groups are backing solid Conservative Don Lowery (R), a retired circuit court judge, former County State’s Attorney and a VietNam veteran (R), and Andrew Andrzejewski, a Conservative businessman and political outsider running against the entrenched Illinois corrupt political machine. Both of these candidates are running uphill battles against well-funded political machines. Whatever you can do to to help them between now and the 2nd of February please do. Go online and plug into their websites.

Judge Don Lowery

If we can pull off another upset in Illinois it will send another unmistakable message to the Democrats who are STILL working behind closed doors to sneak a health care bill past us.

Andrew Andrzejewski

President Obama was invited to speak in front of the Republican Party Conference and went on an 82 minute diatribe, interspersed with some sharp questioning and pointed statements from Republican legislators. Obama took on the same strident tone that he used on the Supreme Court and his attempted bullying of the Republicans is probably not going to gain him many friends among the assembled Congressmen and Senators.

Obama alternated between whining complaint and petulant accusation, at one point accusing Republican opponents of portraying his stalled health care scheme as a Bolshevik plot. Uhh, Mr. Obama, that may be the truest statement you’ve ever made. He further accused them of telling their constituents that he is doing all kinds of crazy things to destroy America… right, right and right. But, President Obama, we didn’t need the Republicans or anyone else to tell us… we figured it out all by ourselves, say, back about last February.

His laughable attempt to somehow ‘hold Republicans responsible’ for not signing on to his delusional policies for entrapping the American people in his BOLSHEVIK PLOT is going to have just the exact opposite effect that he’s expecting. He’s read the opposition as poorly as he has the American people. Of course he’s no ideologue… no, not at all…..
We are not buying it, Obama… no, not even… not a bit.

Semper Viglilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010