Coakley Concedes – Scott Brown The Victor In Huge Upset!!

BROWN 53%, COAKLEY 47%. This is not quite an earthshaking event but it’s darn close. There are DeMarxists changing their depends from coast to coast. Even in the belly of the western beast in San Francisco that paragon of ultra-liberal stupidity, Gavin Newsom, is babbling proclamations of DeMarxist 20/20 hindsight saying that Democrats had better do some close navel checks because the Democrat brand has lost touch with the common people. This from the Maoist clown who defied the will of 70% of the people of California, who said that NO, they did NOT want gay marriage in this state and that marriage was defined as being between a man and a woman.

Scott Brown Celebrates His Victory

I wrote yesterday that this election was a referendum on Barack Hussein and the MaoMarxist House of Clowns. Given the resounding margin of victory for Scott Brown it’s becoming obvious that as in 1775, Massachusetts is again the cradle of the revolution and the upset victory for Scott Brown is the SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. Don’t think our enemies aren’t listening. They can read the handwriting on the wall better than the DeMarxists themselves, who have completely blinded themselves to the rising flood of angry protest from the American people.

It’s going to be really interesting to watch the DeMarxist slimes and their pets in the lame stream press spin this one out. And dollars to doughnuts, coming out the back end they STILL won’t get it… all except the ‘moderate’ republicans and so-called ‘Blue Dog’ democrats who voted for the “health care” legislation that contributed so strongly to the Conservative Revolution that is now sweeping the nation. THEY get it. The ‘House Madam’ is going to play hell getting a lot of these people to repeat falling on their bayonets for the ‘Anointed One’, though a no vote at this juncture may be too late to redeem many in the eyes of their constituents.

The American people are not going to forget what the Democrats and the RINO Republicans have been complicit in doing to them. One thing is for sure if history is any guide, once the American people have been aroused to this degree the political bloodletting will continue past 2010 and resound clearly in the presidential race in 2012.
We shall not be satisfied with less than a thorough housecleaning.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010