Maobama And The Great Conservative Commie Crunch.

It’s getting tough out there. It’s getting to be so’s a self-obsessed NEO-MARXIST can’t get a word in edgewise without some pro-lifer or pesky patriot getting into your dogma. Barack Hussein has met the real America and a very rough lesson it has been and will continue to be.

Boston University turned out to be one of those moments. Maobama’s handlers carefully packed his speech venue with selected bussed-in supporters, complete with print shop perfect posters supporting the miserably failed Martha Coakley. A suspicious mind would wonder if SEIU paid each one of these ‘party’ stalwarts $50.00 each to show up as they have elsewhere in Massachusetts (see Martha…THAT’S how you spell it).

In any case, the Enlightened One found it very difficult to spew his propaganda, as a handful of pro-life protesters brought his teleprompted rant to a halt while his picked crowd tried to shout them down. As Obama eventually completed his singularly unimpressive spiel the atmosphere was anything but dynamic and the President’s support of the failing Coakley campaign may have turned out to be a net lose, lose.

This was what the wiser heads in his administration (if there are such) feared. His presence had little or no impact on the race while expending what little political capital he had to spare. It’s a phenomenon that seems to be spreading quickly across the spectrum of the Marxist front in the country.

Scott Brown

The ‘health care’ bill is itself on a sort of life support as the administration and Congress fall into the use of desperation tactics to attempt the forcing of passage of this spectacularly unpopular piece of legislative monstrosity. The plans are:

a. Delay the certification of Scott Brown, should he be elected, until the DeMarxists can engineer passage for the bill using what George Will termed SERIAL CORRUPTION. This would have a serious backlash Democrats may not be willing to risk. Madame Pelosi may not be able to threaten enough votes for passage this time. As I said yesterday, there are THIRTY-SEVEN HOUSE SEATS whose districts are peed plenty and may decide to dump their elected Congress critters, even if they do vote no. Such is the price of treasonous perfidy.

b. They have been threatening to go the 51 vote reconciliation route, NEVER BEFORE used on a bill of this importance and magnitude. This would be sure to set off a firestorm of public resentment and added to the anger already out there might well prove catastrophic come NOVEMBER.

c. There is a potentially even more dicey maneuver that is being put forward by ever more desperate DeMarxists, to have the Senate agree on the House version as passed and send that directly to Maobama’s desk for signature. This is also reminiscent of the ‘Divine Wind’ tactics employed by Japan during the closing days of World War Two… spectacular and completely doomed to failure.
This tactic would also create a national furor that would resonate far beyond 2010 and Barack Obama’s tenuous grip on any hope of re-election in 2012 would vanish like morning mist in the sun.

Potential Coakley voters?

The last available polling results have Scott Brown over Martha Coakley 51/46 and the key Independents 64 % for Brown against 32% for Coakley.
Of course this IS Massachusetts and it remains to be seen how many inhabitants of the state’s cemeteries will show up to vote. Let’s hope the Republicans have sense enough to closely monitor all polling places.
We have one more day of campaigning before the election… Scott Brown can use YOUR help.


Keep pouring on the HEAT!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010