Obama News, All Bad All The Time – 444,000 Job Losses Last Month.

It’s hard to tell where to start with this guy, other than to say it’s more readily apparent every hour that America has just about had it with him. If Presidential elections were held today he wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. But wait! THAT part is GOOD news… at least for those of us who VALUE freedom, honor our COUNTRY, and believe in its CONSTITUTION.

The Anointed One bugled success in brokering a ‘DEAL’ with labor unions bosses, to whom his administration is in hock tentatively exempting so-called Cadillac health plans from the heavy taxation burden favored by DeMarxists and objected to strongly by the unions. The taxation axe would then also exempt family plans less than $23,000, leaving the burden of taxation to fall on those making more than $200,000 per year. Another OBAMA PROMISE SHATTERED and CLEARLY a blatantly unconstitutional move which begs a CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka got concessions from Democrats on taxes of high-end health plans.

That’s if it goes that far at all and at this point it’s not clear that it will. Opposition to the bill, even within DeMarxist ranks, is growing by the minute and the BROWN / COAKLEY race in Massachusetts is but a microcosm of the wave of outrage and discontent brewing in the country at this juncture. Obama is avoiding this race as though it were the bubonic plague, another sure sign that Coakley may have severe troubles at hand as Scott Brown continues to surge with a spirited and enthusiastic following.

Retail sales tanked in December and the floor dropped from under sales figures for 2009.
As stated in this column on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 housing foreclosures are set to go through the roof, with 2.8 million homes foreclosed on in 2009 and a record THREE POINT FIVE MILLION HOMES projected to be at risk of foreclosure this year. Once again, this figure does NOT reflect the long-feared and anticipated wave of COMMERCIAL foreclosures expected to hit this year and next.

With Obama having finally figured out that his blaming ‘everything Bush’ for his own failures and obvious shortcomings, the MAOBAMA spin machine have come up with one that they think may hold together before the New Media blows it out of the water… sort of like I’m doing now. ‘It’s OUR COMPUTER SYSTEM’. Yup, that’s it folks. It’s our outdated and outmoded computers that are causing this to be the most ineffective and dishonest administration in US history.
Hey, Obama! It’s great! Keep those cards and letters coming.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010