Moody’s Moody Blues… Forecast – 2.4 Million Residential Foreclosures.

In Obama’s fictional world all must be well, because the recession MUST have turned the corner…the enlightened one has told us so.
IN THE REAL WORLD IT AIN’T. It’s a frigid winter out there, just ask the global warming freaks who’ve suddenly discovered an incipient ice age and are scrambling their intellectual faux-scientific fannies off trying to spin it up.

The ECONOMIC chill in this country is proceeding apace. The FAUX economic intellectual DeMarxists hard at work DESTROYING your way of life and YOUR FUTURE are also hard at work spinning and spinning, but lo and behold there’s a severe lack of raw materials from which to spin much of anything. What’s more, what does manage to emanate from the party machinery and the sideline media these days, immediately runs afoul of the Conservative new media and Conservative blogosphere which is quick to unravel the untruths/lies of the left.

The administration was quick to trumpet that the world was brighter in December because the unemployment rate held steady at 10%. TYPICAL, they DIDN’T tell you that 661,000 job seekers had dropped off the radar entirely BECAUSE THEY HAD GIVEN UP looking for work, which was the only reason the unemployment figure remained at 10%.

Worse yet, moodys.com (Moody’s Reports) forecasts TWO POINT FOUR MILLION FORECLOSURES for 2010. This doesn’t reflect the commercial foreclosure wave forecast for this year and next either.
Realty-Trac, who publishes the largest database of foreclosures, auctions and bank-owned homes in the nation, states that there have been THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND FORECLOSURES since February, when you will remember the Anointed One and his DeMarxist allies threw 838 BILLION dollars to the winds with meaningless promises to homeowners facing foreclosure.
They keep telling us the recession has TURNED the corner. The FACTS tell us differently.

The economy grew at a SUB-TEPID rate of 2.2% last year. In the first quarter of every recovery since World War Two the economy grew at a rate of SEVEN POINT THREE PER CENT.
Do you get the idea you might be being lied to? Does ANYONE out there still think that this President or this Congress has their interests at heart?

Continue the Conservative march to freedom. Continue to make your comments and opinions known.
Your continuous pressure IS HAVING AN EFFECT.
CONTINUE your calls, faxes, emails, letters and visits to Congress members’ offices. Keep the heat on these cretins…support your Conservative candidates…and for goodness sake GET ACTIVE in your localities.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010