Israel’s Last Piece To The Puzzle.

RAHM EMANUEL has been running off with his Chicago tough guy mouth again. This time making Israel and the Palestinians quiver with trepidation over his threats on behalf of his boss, Ineptitude the First. I’m sure that a properly chastened Israel will immediately drop all concerns over security and little items like  survival and accede to the Anointed One’s command, “Peace now at any cost”.

MEANWHILE, in the world the rest of us have to inhabit, Israel may well have placed the final game piece on the board. It’s called the Iron Dome Short Range antimissile defense system. It has passed its advanced testing and will be deployed to combat units soon. Capable of shooting down Qassam rockets, Grad rockets, Hezbollah Katayusha rockets, Iranian short range Fajr missiles and even high trajectory mortar shells. Not only that, but the system’s computers and telemetry can differentiate between a target that will hit an unoccupied area and not fire on it, in favor of taking out one that threatens to destroy property or strike an occupied area.

Critics say it has not yet been tested in a combat situation and will not fulfill the role of destroying incoming medium and long range missiles. The system is designed primarily for distances of between four and seventy miles. A single missile battery will protect a medium sized city. The longer ranged defense system called magic wand is slated to be on line in 2012.

As the COWARDLY OBAMA drops any pretense of sanctions against the fanatical Mad Mullahs of Iran, even as their people riot in the streets dying for the freedoms OBAMA WOULD STEAL FROM US, the Israelis are finally no longer dependent on Washington’s vagaries for protection from it’s enemies. With the missile defense system in place the final game piece is also. Having penetrated both Syrian and Iranian airspace and tested the effectiveness of both countries’ air defense systems, time has just about run out for both. Israel has stated as a matter of national policy they WILL NOT permit Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.
It’s about time somebody started to pay attention….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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