Obama – Tough… On What?

We used to have a saying around the playground as wise-guy adolescents. “He’s tough ok, around the mouth”. This was generally used to describe a guy who was all talk, who would back off and cower to any half-baked bully who happened to come along. Striking simile to the Benighted One and his Clown College where it comes to the very first tenant of a President of the United States of America.

This bunch are as inept as it gets. It is really tragi-comic to listen to this boob go in front of the cameras ‘and talk tough’. While he is pontifically pronouncing his willingness to take ‘COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY’ for security failures, one wonders how we would extend that to the numbers of dead Americans that are going to happen because of his imbecilic ineptitude. For deaths there WILL be.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter showed us and the world what a weak, pacifistic appeasement could do for a country. It gave us the fanatical Iranian regime and the world-wide jihad. The MAD MULLAHS only backed down when confronted by the reality of a no-nonsense American leader, who made it patently clear to them that the full strength and power of US arms was right over the horizon, had they continued the games with our embassy and our citizens that they had buffaloed the foolish, feckless Carter with.
Bullies, third rate dictators, mad or just semi-mad Mullahs, jihadists, foreign or homemade, thought twice before they messed with Ronald Reagan. The notable exception to that being the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon in 1983, when Reagan had the Marines withdrawn in the aftermath.

Then with the advent of the FIRST “most ethical administration in history”, the bad guys figured out Billy Jeff in a hurry. In his best non-confrontational manner, Clinton quickly telegraphed his intention of handling obvious terrorist attacks against the country as a criminal issue, as opposed to an international terror network which had already adamantly telegraphed its declaration of war against the country, setting the stage for 9/11.

George W. Bush

George Bush kept the country relatively safe by keeping the terrorists pretty much pinned down in the middle-east and elsewhere. A number of would-be terrorist related attempts were thwarted during Bush’s tenure, mostly because they had been convinced that he WOULD FIGHT.

Now we have the SECOND “most ethical administration in US history”. (Please Lord, save us from a third). It’s Jimmy Carter and Billy Jeff rolled into one delightful fun package. Criminalizing CONFESSED terrorists into US courts just as though they were citizens with rights. Treating would-be mass murdering Jihadist bombers to ACLU attorneys, instead of a military commission and interrogation that may, just may, save more US CITIZENS’ LIVES!
Yes BARRY, you and your goofball security apparatus do so inspire confidence.
Gee…don’t we all feel so fuzzy warm and safe?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010