And The Beat Goes On – At Risk Dems Bail… And Bail…And…

We’ve been talking about this for months now. They can’t say they weren’t warned. In their headlong rush for the LEMMING PRECIPICE of self-destruction, the DeMarxists were repeatedly told, “there is a price to be paid for your self-aggrandizing power grab and your arrogant disenfranchisement of the American TAXPAYER…and TAXPAYERS ARE VOTERS!”

In their blind ideologue-driven hurry to enslave the freest society in the history of the world they forgot three salient facts. Fact – We fought to gain our freedom against immense odds and won. Fact – We continued the fight for freedom on every continent and on every sea on this planet in the two centuries since the founding of this republic and won. Fact – The American people will NEVER be separated from their freedom, now or ever.

Senator Chris Dodd – Going.

We kept saying then and say now that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE PEED! We’ve been peed and nothing that has gone on has mitigated that in any way. Everything the DeMarxists and their clueless President Barry Hussein have done has just increased the level of fury waiting in the wings. That these people have blinded themselves to the true anger of the American people for the sake of their ideological coup is remarkable, given the politician’s usual penchant for self survival. But blinded themselves they have and receive our righteous retribution THEY SHALL!!

We are currently watching Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack-one-term-Obama abrogate every tenant of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, in order to pass the health destruction of America bill. They seem to think we don’t understand what they are doing. What’s even more incredible is that they don’t seem to understand that WE UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING and why. Empires have changed hands upon the simple factor of underestimation, and one of the classic underestimations of all times is the contempt with which these DeMarxists and the Maobamists have held and treated the AMERICAN PEOPLE. “Don’t tread on me” is as true today as it was in 1775.

Rep. John Tanner – Going.

Reading the handwriting on the wall, Demarxist after Demarxist are leaving like rats exiting a sinking ship. Of course they are all saying it’s “to devote more time to their families”. Right. Guess what folks… it’s just the beginning. As the CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN MOVEMENT drags the RNC around behind them, forcing them into the new reality of politics in this country… STAND AND FIGHT OR GET OUT.

The DeMarxists are counting heads, votes and polling results and are quaking in their lying boots. There’s not a few so-called ‘moderate’ Republicans that are looking to get their devious rear ends booted out of there as well. We are going to wipe out this pestilent scourge on the American body politic, whether DeMarxist or a DeMarxist hiding behind a Republican facade.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010