Does Michael Steele Have The Right Stuff?

I have to confess I’ve been conflicted over whether Michael Steele was a true Conservative, or just another product of the go-along get-along Republican National Party we’ve so come to despise. I’ve swung both ways on Mr Steele. Early on he made what I considered to be some major blunders, in particular when dealing with the phenomenon known as the ‘Tea Parties’ and us homespun and rough shod Conservatives out here in the hinterland.

What he failed to recognize, which at that time eliminated him from my choice in the new Conservative party leadership, was that ours was not a flash in the pan movement and it was not a coalition of mythical right wing fringe groups, as the increasingly marginalized and ineffectual so-called mainstream press was trying to label us, that would fade with time. Some of the things he said reminded me far too much of some of the previous leadership which had brought themselves, and us, to ruin. Conversely, on a couple of occasions he did surprise me with statements that you would expect to hear from a true Conservative. I found myself wondering which Michael Steele was the genuine article.

Michael Steele

I’ve said that we needed courageous, no-nonsense political brawlers that would not only be willing but able to go bare-knuckled and toe to toe with the DeMarxists and not concede an inch. After all, it’s the exact style of politics that the opposition has been using on us for forty years or more. The problem with Republicans has been that they were always quick to back off of a point or accommodate on an issue the very second they were confronted, as to not offend someone or to stop from looking like the bad guys. Another big lesson Conservative Republicans have got to have driven home is to not allow the DeMarxists, or their lapdog cronies of the press, to DEFINE us. A lesson I’m not sure Michael Steele has learned. That remains to be seen. If you allow them to define you then they have taken the issues away as well.

Today I was lucky enough to catch Michael Steele’s interview with Mark Levin on Mark’s syndicated radio talk show. I confess to being pleasantly surprised. Michael was talking about his new book and it’s ‘twelve steps to Conservative victory’. Very impressive. I don’t think it’s quite that complicated but it’s a guideline and they’re all sound salient points.
What remains to be seen is if he’s the COMBAT COMMANDER we wish to follow. If he wants to lead us, then he’ll show us that he has the cajones for the fight. It’s like this Michael… Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010