Conservative Marching Order 2010.

This is it. 2010 and the MID-TERM ELECTIONS are right around the corner in political terms. We need to pay VERY close attention to everything that transpires this year and we cannot for one split second take anything for granted. There are some do’s and don’ts out there that we should keep foremost in our minds as the swelling tsunami of the American Conservative movement prepares to sweep the ENEMIES of our REPUBLIC from in front of us.

DO be active in your local Republican organizations. DO act to influence them to do the right things – the things that WIN local contests. I walked into my local Republican party headquarters last election cycle and it had all the excitement of a funeral parlor. They didn’t even have voter registration applications for their own county, but had them for a district two counties away. When I pointed out that this was just a couple more sets of hands for registrations to go through and more opportunity for them to ‘disappear’ or be mislaid in the mails the looks I got from our party representatives can only be described as NON COMPOS MENTIS. The SF Bay Area is notorious for voter shenanigans, these people just didn’t get it. My own registration had been tampered with twice in nine years.

Become activated, your enthusiasm will be infectious.
DO not allow the lame stream to gin up the old Trojan horse of a third party. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Third parties are the product of fevered minds. It was a third party of well-intentioned but sadly misinformed  Americans that brought us BILLY JEFF CLINTON, under the third party banner of Ross Perot, splitting the Republican and Independent vote.

Ross Perot

We need to champion a revitalized CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN PARTY under the leadership of SOLID conservatives who will go bare-knuckled, toe to toe with the ENEMIES of the Republic and not give an inch. After all, is this not the model that the DeMarxists have taught us so well? When they snivel that they are being mistreated, all we have to do is to remind them of Nancy With-The-Smiling-Stapled-Lids having THE LOCKS CHANGED IN THE HOUSE CONFERENCE ROOMS, locking Republicans out completely.

I was listening to a statement by Mitch McConnell where he sounded like he was preparing to ‘go along and get along’ with the DeMarxist power structure in which he said he thought ‘we could work together to get things done’. Uh, Mitch, that’s NOT what the American people are telling you! We don’t WANT you to get along with that bunch of Maoists and if that is your intention leave now, for we will surely remove you and any other establishment Republican who acts or thinks like that as well.

Mitch McConnell

Conservatives are on the march. There are Conservative challenges all over the nation.
One thing we need to do for SURE before 2012 is to CLOSE OUR PRIMARIES. What gave us John McCain instead of a more viable candidate was Democrat voters crossing over and voting in Republican open primary elections. The Republican leadership was so inept they allowed the opposition to choose for us. How stupid is that? Though it’s obvious now that the party had McCain preordained in a backroom deal, much like when they brought up another notorious deal-maker loser, Bob Dole.

It’s just exactly what we have to avoid this time. There are a lot of bright young Conservative leaders coming up through the ranks.
There are 435 House seats up for re-election, 36 seats in the Senate. There are 37 Gubernatorial seats up for grabs. Don’t think that the DeMarxists aren’t sweating this one out. Just ask Ben Nelson.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010