Twenty Million Out Of Work – Obama’s Wonderland.

Spending our way out of the worst recession since the great depression, as a matter of fact folks are beginning to call this the GREAT RECESSION, is absolutely insane to anyone that has ever completed economics 101, run a small business or had to meet a payroll. Obama and the DeMarxist dominated Congress are producing money out of thin air and sooner or later someone is going to call in the chips.

There was a time that this country could and would WORK ourselves out of a recession. We had the know-how, we had the manufacturing base to do it. Hell’s bells, we don’t MAKE anything in this country any more. Virtually all our manufacturing has been moved offshore. The only growth in this country in the last year, with one out five Americans out of work, has been in the government sector and GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING!!

Big business has survived only by paring their workforce to the bone and having the remaining workforce pick up the slack by working harder and longer. Otherwise, Wall Street would look more like our unemployment figures. Large segments of Wall Street have been feeding at the government trough to the detriment of the US taxpayer, who is having to cough up more and more to keep this whole sick operation going.

Obama’s loudly and repeatedly touted solutions for our economic situation are a will-o’-the-wisp of Keynesian redistribution, which have absolutely zero chance of success. Every single program that has been put forth by this administration, from cash-for-clunkers to the foreclosure relief scheme, has not only failed but failed miserably, costing American taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars on top of the already outrageously insane PORK-LADEN TRILLIONS thrown to the winds by this dysfunctional and out of control government.

2010 is going to be a watershed year for Conservatives and Independents. If the Republican leadership thinks that they can piggy-back themselves back to power and then return to business as usual, they can pack up and leave now because we will sweep them from office as swiftly as we will get rid of the treasonous Marxists in our midst. We want America back for Americans. The list of wrongs to be righted grows daily, as does the list of those who we would be rid of. Listen now while you can, ignore us at your peril!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010