Conservatives Call To Action – Stop Communist Style Tactics.

Some good news for Conservatives. Rush Limbaugh is out of the hospital and his doctors found no evidence of heart attack or heart disease. He stated he’ll be back on his regularly scheduled broadcasts later this week. Rush’s audience tops FOURTEEN MILLION listeners per week. That’s more than just about all the lame stream media combined.

What’s incredible is that Rush’s audiences continue to grow on a daily basis, despite the worst the left can throw at him. It says something about the LANGUAGE of truth. It has an irresistible appeal to those who seek it, and Americans were and are thirsty indeed after decades of being deceived and lied to by the left and their willing accomplices and lapdogs of the so-called ‘main stream media’. Happy New Year, Rush!

Rush Limbaugh

The New Year begins a mid-term election cycle that has no few incumbents wondering whether they will be around at this time next year, and with good reason. There has never in the history of this magnificent nation been a cabal sponsoring a criminal enterprise such as we have been confronted with in the Obama administration and the DeMarxist controlled Congress. Faced by a maelstrom of resistance by the FINALLY unified Republican minority and the overwhelming majority of the American people, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Marxist THUGOCRACY are pulling out all the stops in order to force through their ILLEGAL and PATENTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL takeover of ONE SIXTH of our total economy.

What has them rattled though is that they are realizing that WE know that it’s not at all about health care. It’s about the COMMUNIST takeover of this country. It’s about the acquisition of raw power and the exercise thereof. Let’s call it what it is. Recognizing what it is will let us march to defeat it on every front.

This last year has shown us the worst political and economic management in living memory, possibly in the entire history of this Republic. It has also shown us the coalescence of Conservative and Independent PATRIOTS by the MILLIONS and the TENS of MILLIONS of taxpaying, VOTING Americans who have vowed to sweep them out of office. AND WE SHALL.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010