Do Americans Still Have What It Takes? I Say Yes!


I have a friend who insists that Americans have been emasculated. That somehow we just aren’t what we used to be. I take umbrage with a world view that American exceptionalism has somehow fallen by the wayside.
It’s very true that the liberals would LIKE to see an androgynous Homo-Americanus that they could mold into their perverted Utopian one-size-fits-all Marxian world.

The 1960s produced some startling social demographic changes starting with the ’sexual revolution’.
It’s also true that they made some inroads in that direction by the attempted feminization of the male population through the radical feminist movement, with the resultant ‘compliant’, ’sensitive’ male that we’ve heard described as ‘metro-sexual’ and other less savory descriptions. It’s significant that when they obtain the resultant male they’d been looking to produce, they weren’t satisfied with him either and went around complaining that men aren’t masculine and assertive. The other problematic half of that equation is that the type of female that is produced by adherence to feminist ideals is not the kind of woman a real male wants anyway.

1960s Feminist Demonstration.

I don’t intend to demean feminists. They are what they are and they do what they do. Just don’t get mad at us if we don’t care to play in that ball court.

America was drugged to sleep in the 1960’s. We had a steady drumbeat of socialist dogma coming from our news media and our universities. We had hundreds of thousands of American men fighting a war thousands of miles from home that was never CLEARLY defined for the American people, and an active communist fifth column operating pretty much in the open in our schools. The main stream Americans, the ones no one ever heard from in what is now called fly-over country, knew pretty much only what the available news media of the day was telling them and its message had already been largely usurped by the liberal hard left, which was also making inroads into the Democratic party.

The long overdue civil rights movement, which it should be remembered was opposed ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY BY DEMOCRATS, was piggy-backed into the “Great Society” of President Lyndon Johnson and was a democrat-for-life social welfare modern plantation system that exists to this day. Keeping minorities in poverty rather than lifting them from it. Still, Americans embraced what was good in it and the result has been a far more integrated and color blind society.

President Lyndon B. Johnson

The advent of talk radio, the internet and instantaneous communications have changed everything. The lies of the left no longer go undisputed. In fact, they are usually challenged in minutes instead of hours or days. We as a people began to start paying attention to what our kids were being taught in our public schools. We came out of the haze that had been produced by the frenetic 60 hour working weeks of the 80s and 90s and saw what our resultant inattention had wrought. We saw our country and our freedoms being stolen from us.

Another miracle occurred… we started talking to each other. People from all over this country rediscovering what is meant by AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM and the blessings that are the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – that it is our duty and sacred trust to maintain the freedoms that have been gained at so great a price. Millions upon millions of Americans are rising up and saying HELL NO!

This is it. This is the new year. This is 2010. This is the YEAR OF THE CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010