Dissention Boils In Iran Despite Brutal Suppression.

Here’s another classic DO NOTHING, SAY NOTHING moment for our ‘do nothing of substance’ President, as the people of Iran struggle to throw off the brutal yoke of repression as represented by the Islamo-Fascist regime of Ali Khamenei. This week has seen more unrest and demonstrations throughout the country, following the death (it is reported) by natural causes of dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri seven days ago.

Iranian police opened fire killing several people, among them the nephew of presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi. Witnesses said they saw a sniper on a building shoot Sayad Al Hossein Mousavi, 35. Later reports from a hospital indicated he had been shot through the heart.

Creating instant martyrs, the killings took place on Ashura, the highest of holy days for Shi’ite Moslems. The day commemorates the death of the grandson of the prophet Mohammad in battle.
The ongoing and brutally repressed unrest, which began with the disputed and highly questionable presidential election results of 2009, resulted in more than 100 deaths and the arrest, imprisonment and torture of over 4000 people has never been entirely quelled. Unrest has been percolating just below the surface. With dissidents marking currency, chanting from rooftops after dark, graffiti on walls and incidents of violence here and there, it is apparent that all it would take to spark more mass unrest would be an incident such as this.

With Iran’s radical Islamo-Fascist regime on their fast march to obtain an atomic weapon and its increasingly belligerent stance towards the US, Israel and the west, such unrest at home should prove to be an opportunity for us to support the freedom-seeking people of Iran in their struggle.

Except that we have a leader of no character or strength who will stand passively by, as this murderous dictatorship slaughters its own citizens in the streets and in the dungeon torture rooms of its prisons.
One cannot help to contrast this weak, insipid presidency to that of the great Ronald Reagan who challenged the arch-dictator of the Soviet Union to “tear down these walls”.
But that would take a man with the courage of his convictions.
Barack Hussein Obama  has none.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009