Fee, Fi, Fo, Fumble – Obama’s Nuclear Naïveté Could Spell Disaster.

Correction to article of Mon 12/21: I incorrectly stated that Americans were barred from travel in Pakistan in 1981. The State Department warned Americans that travel in Pakistan could be dangerous. Pakistan at that time was issuing 30 day visas. I have been unable to determine what national passport Barack Obama was traveling under, although it has been established that he was then living with his maternal grandmother and her husband in Hawaii at the time.

President Barack Obama’s approach to nuclear policy is akin to a ride on Disney’s  “It’s a small world”. It’s pretty and fuzzy, but IT AIN’T REAL. We started with Barry’s outreach program to Islamic fundamentalist nutcakes which netted him nothing and us less than nothing, unless you wish to count the encouragement, aid and comfort he has extended our enemies while they not quite laughed in his face. The problem with his approach is that other REAL MEN, our men, will have to die for it. Barry Hussein is in way, way over his head. Our never too rock steady and problematic State Department is only too happy to take The Anointed One’s lead and accommodate and kowtow their way in his wake, since that department is rife with anti-American types anyway.

Barack Obama

I’m sorry for all you Hillarophiles out there but she just doesn’t impress anyone. Obama runs around the world saying nothing and gaining nothing, while giving away policy and strategy advantage every time he looks cross-eyed down his nose at a teleprompter. She runs around promising to throw our money at people who hate us while trying to talk tough. That ain’t working either.

Meanwhile, REAL BAD GUYS with REAL BAD weapons are taking his measure and finding him wanting. More real bad guys who WANT those real bad weapons are also finding him to be a push over. Guys like these can SMELL weakness and are ready to pounce on it any time they think they can get away with it. Barry’s stated aim of UNILATERAL nuclear disarmament/reduction is naïveté carried to psychotic levels. Barry may be looking for a nuclear legacy to go along with the destruction of the US economy and the enslavement of its people to a socio-Marxist ideology, but all he’s likely to get us is a vast smoking crater somewhere.

While Barry is busy running off at the mouth, our enemies are out in the hall doing push-ups and the American people will have to pay the price.
That’s how it is in the real world, Mr Obama. God willing, we don’t have to pay the price before we can be rid of you in 2012.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009