Democrats’ Unintended Consequences – It Isn’t Over, Far From It.

First of all,  SENATOR SHELDON WHITEHOUSE. You sir, and I say that with VAST qualification, are a SCOUNDREL and a BALD FACED LIAR. The people of your state will challenge you in 2012. Don’t think, you smarmy RAT, that you will be forgotten. 2012 just gives us more time to prepare to oust you.

This paragon of virtue put on his best TRIAL LAWYER’S FACE and spewed enough venom to wipe out a small city, saying that we AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES are desperate to ‘break’ Barack Obama. No Senator, we are not desperate because Barry Hussein is breaking himself and he’ll be out in 2012 as well. No president in history has lost the faith of the American people as fast as feckless, bombastic Barry. He went on to say that the ‘birthers’…birthers? Just what are birthers, Sheldon?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Are you talking about American citizens who say they’ve never seen convincing evidence of this President’s eligibility to hold the office? I don’t consider myself a birther. Far from it. And I’m not into unsubstantiated conspiracy theories…they are boring and make rotten subject material. Still, judging what hard evidence I can find, and there’s not much, one has to wonder who vetted this man. Certainly not the DNC, they were too busy catching rainbows and taking orders from George Soros and his ilk, or worse. The evidence I’ve seen is not convincing, NO ONE of my knowledge has seen a valid birth certificate. As I’ve said here before, my kids had to be more thoroughly vetted to play Pop Warner and Little League than Obama was to become President.

Somebody please explain to me how Obama was able to travel in Pakistan during a period when travel to Pakistan was forbidden to Americans? Is it perhaps because he was traveling there on an Indonesian passport as an Indonesian citizen? Curious minds wonder.

Sheldon speaks about fanatics. Has he seen the video tape of his own spiel on the floor? Or witnessed the vacant-eyed rapturous expressions of the true believers? Right-wing militia and aryan support groups? Really Sheldon, get your stuff together and wipe the drool off your chin. No self respecting militia group would have anything to do with any aryan organization, support or not. The ‘militia’ benighted Sheldon is talking about are the American people. CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS who resent the destruction of our Republic at the hands of the DeMarxist goons, in that slimy swamp you call Washington.

Got news for you Sheldon, news for you and everyone like you. America is on the march. You can’t stop us any more than the British could stop us in 1776, Sheldon. We are coming for you. We’ll be seeing you at the ballot box. Be very thankful it’s not a pitchfork.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009