Hillary’s 100 Billion Largesse To Third World Dictatorships – Your Dollars!!

Isn’t it wonderful? Mrs Clinton spending money we DON’T HAVE now, the way she wished she could have spent it during her husband’s presidency. Gives you that warm glow, like a bonfire at the State Department. That fuzzy feeling that all liberals know and love, when their ‘well intended’ programs create HAVOC that they don’t have to pay for, solve, or be held responsible for because their INTENTIONS were good.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s speech said it all. Billions of dollars to countries where the money is absolutely guaranteed to end up in the hands of whatever ruling junta of the day happens to be in control. Electrical turbine windmills and solar panels that magically transform into AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and hand grenades to perform the favorite third world version of birth control. It’s a vision any leftist will be proud of.

Meanwhile, back at the blizzard, things got hot around the campfire at the Copenhagen round up. The Anointed One’s less than inspirational envirobabble was payed at least as much attention to as one of his speeches around here lately, which is to say not much.
A desperate and desperate appearing  Obama managed to cobble together a half-hearted, very sarcastically received, NON-BINDING agreement of sorts and skipped out of town before a vote could be taken, lest he be seen to preside over ANOTHER loss, then flew home to the largest Christmas blizzard in Washington for decades. Uh,  how’s that warming Barry?

Things in general just didn’t go well for the collection of losers that comprised the ZEALOTS BALL. Still trying to figure out what Nancy (Stretch) Pelosi was doing there, unless it was to convince the members there that they should contribute matching funds to her pork slush fund. Or maybe it was to give tutorials on slash and burn economics, something to which she can claim expertise. Then, Gordon Brown flying over there to use his vast intellectual vacuum to ‘create some movement’ in the Envirowacky process must have ‘em rollin’ in the aisles in Whitehall.
Apparently, the major malfactors in this international CLOWN COLLEGE were so proud of their participation, many would not stay for the obligatory ROGUES GALLERY portrait to emblazen themselves into posterity. Shame that, would have made a great public hanging.

Back at the Senate, Ben Nelson (D) Neb. and Bob Casey (D) Penn. were at last report holding strong against the illegal and patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL machinations of Dingy Harry Reid, who is planning a Christmas Eve kamikaze vote on the Senate version of the bill. In desperation, DeMarxists could still opt to go the reconciliation route which would essentially gut the bill, albeit giving them a very tepid victory and almost guaranteeing lemming-like mass political suicide. Many members may think twice and even three times before throwing themselves off the cliff for an obsessed and unprincipled leadership, and a daily weakening and FAILING PRESIDENCY. If you want to follow how YOUR Congress critters are voting, so you can put the blame where it belongs, go to Sean Hannity.com.

Don’t slack up!! Keep going after them, even though many of the cowards have shut down their phone lines. Letters, emails, visits to local offices, telegrams, are ALL effective. Let them know WE WILL VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. God bless you and God bless America!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009