Media And Democrats Have Hissy Fit! – Republicans Finally Show Leadership.

Andrea Mitchell was beside herself that the Republican leadership should actually insist on the Senate following its own rules, forcing the reading of EVERY word of the almost EIGHT HUNDRED page Sanders amendment. It’s certainly about time that the Republicans found some testicular fortitude!!

Senator Bernie Sanders, (I ?) VT, introduced Senate Amendment 2837, which would replace the bulk of the Senate bill’s language with provisions establishing a single-payer Medicare-for-all program, virtually identical to the DISASTROUSLY FAILED, BANKRUPT United Kingdom National Health Service.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

The Democrats and the lame stream media are sniveling all over themselves, calling the Republicans “obstructionist” and “mean” for insisting on the Senate following its own rules for once. Having every word read in public, AS THEY SHOULD BE, is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. You will recall that no one, but no one, has read either the amendment or the bill itself, as the whole process thus far has been behind closed doors, the public and especially the Republicans being shut out of the process. This is NOT democracy. It’s STALINIST POLITBURO CENTRAL PLANNING in action.

All this points out is that our so-called main stream press has completely abrogated its responsibility to the American people and has sold itself out to its DeMarxist masters. How does it feel to be the public relations arm of the Maoists, Andrea?
Note: Bernie Sanders is on the floor of the Senate trying to withdraw his amendment as I’m writing this.

Nothing can be more indicative of the effectiveness of what the Republicans are doing than the amount of complaining coming from the left and the left’s lapdog press.
All the while this is going on, the Anointed One is making loud public pronouncements about DISASTER and CATASTROPHE if his attempted SOCIALIST COUP doesn’t pass. Sounds very reminiscent of last January, when Barry Hussein was shouting from the rooftops that the sky was falling, in order to pass his 780+ billion dollar pork budget. It’s always a crisis with this guy, as he tries to panic the American people into following his pied piper.

We’ve been down this road before! The DeMarxists seem bound to rush to their own destruction, but can’t seem to see the handwriting on the wall. Such is the price of being blind ideologues. Point of fact, Nancy Pelosi actually sounds delusional, dangerously delusional.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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