Lieberman, Snowe, Nelson, Webb – Let Them Hear It From You!

Senator John McCain stated last week that he had no idea what was in the back-room deal sent to the Congressional Budget Office for evaluation by Harry Reid. Dick Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, told Senator McCain he didn’t either. That ‘deal’ fell by the wayside, as Senator Joe Lieberman flatly stated he would join the Republicans in opposing any bill that would add 55-60 year old Americans to the Medicare rolls, thereby destroying a program already on life support.

In what has to be one of the most glaring exhibitions of legislative desperation in living memory, Dingy Harry promised to ‘drop’ the public option in order to turn Lieberman on the issue. This has been the signatory feature of the bill, which he stated only last weekend HAD to be in the legislation, and which the extreme left has insisted upon.

This, folks, is just like those old used-car commercials we used to see on Saturday nights on TV. With each ad getting more and more spectacular, all the while the consumer ends up with the same old clunker. Only THAT clunker didn’t threaten to break the bank and cost TWO POINT FOUR TRILLION, to as much in some estimates as SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS.

So while Dingy Harry plays his version of let’s make a deal, and Barry Hussein is saying the world is on the precipice if we don’t get passage on a bill that NO ONE HAS READ, there’s a vast amount of arm twisting going on.
It’s like this. This is for all the bananas…there are four Senators who are pivotal on this bill that Dingy Harry has to have. Thousands of patriots have gathered in the Capitol mall to rally, and once again go into the capitol office buildings and confront our Senators with the FACTS. Over 60% of Americans are dead set against this health care legislation…America doesn’t want mandatory heath care – period! America doesn’t want government in control of their lives, their health care or any thing else.

Four Senators you need to concentrate on. Joe Lieberman, (I) Conn. His constituents need to let him know that they will vote him out of office if he votes yes on this bill. Ditto Ben Nelson, (D) Neb., Jim Webb (D) VA., and of course Olympia Snowe, (R) Maine. Your letters, telegrams, emails, phone calls and for those of you in range of the beltway visits to the Senate offices, all carry weight. Don’t kid yourselves that although they pretend to be bullet proof these people aren’t feeling the EXTREME displeasure of the American people. Come next November, there will be a SEA CHANGE in American politics of historic proportions. KEEP IT UP!! LET THEM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009