Iran’s Fool’s Gambit Will Be Their Undoing.

It’s as though Iran was on its own march of the lemmings. History has seen and recorded stories like this one before. Iran should have taken note when their arch nemesis, Saddam Hussein, was taken out in a matter of weeks by a first-world military.

For all Iran’s bluff and bluster, it should be remembered that Iran’s war with Iraq endured for eight years with neither side gaining significant advantage. This was the war, you’ll remember, where the mighty Iranian Army used children as mine clearing cannon fodder. They WILL NOT be facing a third world military when Israel comes after them, as it must. They have given Israel no choice. The world has given Israel no choice. Faced with a United Nations more akin to Hitler’s Germany, with regard to its attitude toward the Jewish people, and a United States led by a man and an administration of dubious character and obviously pro-Islamist.

Israel has long ago made the determination that they would do what they had to do to ensure the survival of their country. They also knew that they would have to go it alone. Iran, and any other middle east country who align themselves with Iran, will be facing a first world military of some of the finest men and women on the planet.
A military that has proven itself in combat time after time. A military whose skills have been honed in the crucible of the very terror attacks that Iran has been sending against them for thirty or more years.<p?

The newest in Israel’s arsenal has caused a sensation among nations that, like Israel, are vulnerable to attack from the sea. The Israeli ‘Death Shark’ unmanned stealth craft is now operational and has highly impressed western military experts. With an anti-missile, anti-aircraft capability and its ability to lurk undetected off the shores of Iran, Syria and Lebanon it should give any potential aggressors pause.

But NOT the insanely self-destructive Iranians, who may have just signed their own death warrant with the disclosure of proof positive that theirs is indeed a weapons program and not a ‘peaceful’ pursuit of nuclear technology as has been their mantra. A technical document revealed by an Asian intelligence source reveals a program to develop a neutron initiator, whose sole purpose would be to actuate a nuclear explosion. There is no peaceful application according to western scientists.
Dollars to stale donuts this is not news to Mossad. But it strips whatever cover Iran had, and it is now readily apparent to even the most self-deluding countries exactly what Iran’s purpose is and has been.

Now there is no reason for Israel not to strike Iran…none at all…and every reason to do it.
Like the lemmings, that rush to destruction is all the Iranians have to look forward to.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009