Gluttony, Thy Name Is Government – Take A Stand Against Tyranny!

Some very startling, very telling statistics have come out about the nascent TYRANNY into which our present government would bind us. This is very spooky stuff folks. As if we hadn’t enough to be spooked about recently. Mind, this information is coming from the people who would DICTATE our health care. MANDATE what we should buy in terms of that care OR ELSE! Regulate the very WATER we drink and every stream, river and watershed it comes from. Mandate the carbon emissions from our vehicles, homes, farms, industry and bodies. Tell us how many children to have and how we will raise them, while simultaneously indoctrinating them to a cult-like religious belief in a non-science and sexually predating their young minds, starting as early as age five and teaching them nothing at the same time.

They continuously rant that WE should make do with less…USE less! Be satisfied with less. That we should be grateful at having more of what we earn and what we own taken for the use of this gigantic sewer drain into which everything pours. GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING. Yet it wants to take everything. We have a CONSTITUTION, the laws of which this government is supposed to operate by. It has been bypassed time and again by these power-hungry and self-serving politicians and is simply a term they use when they wish to justify breaking those laws further.

Sounds a lot like the old Soviet Union, does it not? As a matter of fact it sounds EXACTLY like the old Soviet Union. Anyone from the old Soviet bloc countries can and will give you an earful, they came here by the tens of thousands to escape those Marxist Utopian workers paradises. And with RARE exception these people have become some of our strongest and most loyal citizens.

During this, the worst recession since the dark days of the great depression, the one growth industry in this country has been government. With ONE OUT OF FIVE Americans either unemployed or underemployed, the Federal government has been gorging itself on the largesse it has produced for itself by the wanton destruction of our economy and granting itself huge amounts of non-existent funding through tax increases, cooked book accounting and sleazy legislative trickery. In a recession that has cost American homes SEVEN POINT SIX MILLION jobs, the federal government has NINETEEN PERCENT of civil servants making more than $150,000.00 per year.
The Federal Transportation Department had ONE EMPLOYEE MAKING $170,000.00 at the start of the recession. Eighteen months later, at the height of the recession, they have 1690 employees making more than ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS APIECE!! Yet the same government would dictate how much executives in the private sector should make. Can anyone tell me what any one of these bloated sand crabs does that makes him worth as much as the CEO of many corporations?

The count down to 2010 is on. Keep those emails, faxes, letters and phone calls pouring in. These people need to be stopped dead in their tracks… and God help anyone who gets in the way of the American people!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009