You Gotta Be Kidding Me…

A HAPPY AND BLESSED HANUKKAH to Israel and all our Jewish friends.
Speaking of Israel, we see that Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi is calling for Damascus to join with Iran in striking back at Israel for the attack it feels must be coming within a month or so, according to Iranian Intelligence Services.

The Syrians tepid response to the Iranian call to action may be because they do not wish to attract any more Israeli attention than is absolutely necessary. Though the mental imagery of a military coalition between Syria and Iran is more like the Keystone cops meet Laurel and Hardy. The IDF will no doubt take the situation very seriously. Since the IDF has been probing Syrian air defense measures for some time, the least Syria can expect is the loss of their air force and their command and control centers.

The increasingly feckless Obama administration will make more noise about sanctions against Iran and then do exactly what the United Nations will do, which is nothing. The United States will also make a lot of noise about the detection of highly processed plutonium at Dir a-Zur, where the IAF turned Syria’s secret nuclear facility into so much concrete aggregate. One wonders had the Israeli Air Force not hit these facilities, would the usually inept UN have even known about Syria’s nuclear proliferation with the aid of North Korea and Iran. Traces of the same plutonium were discovered at the nuclear research reactor near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

As we have stated before, the convergence of events has been coming closer in the past few months and Israel must strike before Russia fulfills its contract to deliver the more advanced S-300 anti-aircraft defense system. The US has also been supplying Israel with more advanced fighter aircraft, utilizing special Israeli electronics systems. It is not known whether these are operational as yet.

Given Israel’s proven ability to slip past the best of what both Tehran and Damascus have deployed, and given Iran’s almost comical performance during their much touted defense training, I shouldn’t wonder if there weren’t some uneasy people in the defense commands of both countries.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009