Rip Off! Democrat Plan Raises Costs And Premiums, Slashes Medicare.

That may be why Dingy Harry Reid wanted to be out of town this weekend. A little tongue in cheek there. Harry is out of town down in Louisiana with Mary Landrieu, being greeted by a few thousand TEA PARTY PATRIOTS.

He and Mary are trying to extract a thousand dollars apiece from remaining loyalists at a fund raiser. Notice, Harry is NOT soliciting funds in his own state, where by the most conservative estimates he is running fully 10 points behind his challengers. In addition, voters in his home state are lining up unanimously against the OBAMA-PELOSI-REID socialist takeover, and almost certainly will invite Mr Reid to exit his office next year. Though there has been some speculation that Dingy Harry will pull a quick one and attempt to have himself replaced by his son, who is by all accounts Harry Jr. to a tee.

A US agency that oversees Medicare spending has issued a series of reports that indicate that, as opposed to the Democrat claims of savings and lower costs, the opposite has proven to be the case, according to the study’s conclusions. Republican Mitch McConnell stated that “the report confirms what we’ve long known. The Democrat plan would increase costs, raise premiums and slash Medicare”. McConnell said, “That’s not reform. This analysis speaks for itself. This bill is a sham”.

The report written by Richard Foster, the chief actuary at the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said the increase in health care spending reflected the impact of millions of newly covered people seeking medical care.
The report stated that Medicare has significantly lower reimbursement rates than private insurers. Doctors, clinics and hospitals who rely heavily on Medicare patients for business, “could find it difficult to remain profitable and, absent of legislative intervention, might end their participation in the program”.

So time after time we rediscover Democrat doublespeak and duplicity. All around the country Patriot voices are raised against the takeover of our freedoms. MILLIONS OF PINK SLIPS are going out to members of Congress and as we speak, EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND petitions are being handed to members of the Senate. Do you think they might be getting the word? They had better. There is a political bloodletting shaping up in this country as has never been seen before. Keep up the good work! Keep up the pressure!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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