One Spectacular Blunder After Another.

A lot of idealistic, well-meaning people put everything they had emotionally into the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. As is now obvious to most, these fine folks have seen their hopes and dreams for the wonderful classless, carefree and colorblind utopia promised by the Anointed One crushed in the iron grip of the realization that he is just not up to the job.

Many, like myself, who were bothered by the sudden ascendancy of a man without credentials or experience, delved deeply into what information we could find about this man. I was stunned at how little information was available and began to wonder who or what was running interference for him. Of course when I vocalized my apprehensions I was immediately sidelined as being anything from a right wing gun carrying redneck to a racist. Redneck I’m not…gun carrying I am. Racist I’m not either. I took a troubled African-American teenager into my home and raised him as my own. He’s still my ‘brat’ to this day. I have a mixed-race daughter who is our family princess…I love it when they call me racist. My experience with that subject is that the ones using that language are far more likely to be what they accuse others of.

Obama hit the White House with as much good grace as any newly elected president has ever had, albeit he was only elected with a slight majority of the vote at 55%. The independents and conservatives having abandoned the Republican brand for reasons we all know and have gone over before. Many conservatives could just not bring themselves to vote for John McCain, though subsequent events have proven that to have been a feckless reaction. As bad a choice as McCain might have been, he could NOT have been nearly the nightmare Barry Hussein has proven to be.

Obama and his Marxist administration, along with his only slightly less Marxi-Socialist dominated Congress, took the country in EXACTLY the wrong direction at precisely the worst time to do it.
One wonders in retrospect if it wasn’t done precisely for that reason, to create as much chaos and destruction of the economy and the marketplace so as to make their coup possible.

It’s clear now and clearer every day that everything they have attempted has failed. Not just failed but failed abjectly. The ’stimulus’ that stimulated nothing except the government sector. ‘Jobs’ saved at a cost of over $200,000.00 apiece. A cash for clunkers program which cost $24,000.00 per car for a total of THIRTY THREE BILLION DOLLARS. The list of ineptitudes goes on ad-infinitum .
A foreign policy that may as well be non-existent. And a reversal on a clearly stated war policy that has our enemies worldwide licking their chops.

The American people have the right, the duty and the responsibility to go to the polls in 2010 and 2012 to correct this historic wrong. We have started, only just started on the long path back. Don’t lose heart. Continue to hammer away at them. Don’t let up for a second!
We are the AMERICAN PEOPLE and we won’t be denied.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009