Republican Leadership Had Better – Or Else!

Senator John Kyle told a reporter this, when asked what they were doing about the health care debacle. “We are offering amendments to make it a better bill.” WHAT?!! This is what we are getting for leadership out of our Senators?

They haven’t figured out, after all the fuss, that the American people don’t want any part of this bill? Do we have to dump the entire leadership and start over? What do they not understand about ‘just say no’? We didn’t ask them to repair the darn thing. We asked them to reject the redistribution of 1/6 of the nation’s economy entirely. Scrap it and start over using free market principles and tort reform for starters.

John McCain has so far been one of the most cogent and vocal proponents of scrapping the legislation and starting over. I certainly have my differences with Senator McCain, but he has been a stalwart on this one.

Our favorite RINOs in the meantime, Republican Senators OLYMPIA SNOWE and SUSAN COLLINS, are playing ‘ring around the rosie’ and may get dropped like the plague if they vote for this thing. They need another reminder of just who it is they work for. Snowe was called up to the White House to cozy up to His Anointedness over the weekend…one wonders what the price tag of her treachery will turn out to be.

We know that the bribe of largesse to Blanche Lincoln was THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to sell out her constituents. By the way, she is significantly behind her challengers in the upcoming election polling. Arkansans are 56% against the health care bill as opposed to a mere 18% who approve of the legislation. More attention needs to be paid to BLANCHE LINCOLN this week as well. We need to hammer the message home in no too uncertain terms exactly what we expect and what we will do if they vote yes.

The ever popular Dingy Harry Reid is a full TEN POINTS DOWN IN HIS OWN STATE! This, after he put on a SIX WEEK media blitz trying to sell his bait and switch to the people of Nevada, who are almost universally against the health care takeover.

It seems the American people have and are doing their part in spades. It’s time the Republican leadership does theirs. We expect them to fight this bill…every WORD, COMMA AND PERIOD.
And what’s more, we expect them to win!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009