SEIU’s Andy Stern – Obama Care May Fail.

What does Andy know? Stalled progress on the health care bill in the Senate could doom Democrats in 2010 and prove to be President Barack Obama’s “Waterloo”, Andy Stern, National President of SEIU, the nation’s largest service union and one of the Obama administration’s key supporters, predicted on Friday.

Since Stern is one the White House’s most frequent visitors it begs the question, could Andy be aware of vibes coming from the administration? There are some serious issues in the Senate that SEIU types are particularly sensitive to. Issues such as the public option, which promises to be one of the watershed items that breaks DeMarxist unanimity. The so-called public option has polarized the Senate. It is a ‘must have’ for the hard left of the DeMarxists, but stiffly resisted by the GOP and ‘moderate’ Democrats and strongly opposed by the public in general.

The $460 billion rip-off of seniors’ Medicare funding is not going to gain the Democrats any support there either. This could become a huge issue come election time because the seniors, unlike the Obamabot youth, do vote and they vote in large numbers. AARP has probably just resigned itself to a footnote in American seniors history for the really self-serving sell-out to the administration, for dubiously positive short-range gains and a friendly ‘ear’ in the Obama White House.

Democratic Senators Ben Nelson and Bob Casey are among the strong pro-life members who will not vote for a bill without strong anti-abortion language in it. Add Senator Lieberman to that column as well. Passage is by no means a done deal and many Democrats are beginning to become really nervous given the lack of leadership from the White House. The painfully inept foreign policy, the flat-lined economy where it’s called a ‘triumph of job growth’, when there are only a hundred thousand or so new jobless claims and tens of thousands who have given up looking for work altogether.

The Patriot grass roots organizing continues and there are some large meetings scheduled around the nation soon. The Tea Baggers continue to hold increasing numbers of local meetings around the country also. Given the steadily declining poll numbers in all categories the DeMarxists are doing some serious over-the-shoulder scrutiny.

It won’t be the ravening hordes of the Huns, the Goths or the Visigoths that they’ll be fearing. It will be the American citizen with the Constitution in one hand and a ballot in the other.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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