Nowhere Man In His Nowhere Suit Fails To Impress Cadets.

His Emptiness scarcely had time to finish his last yawn line to his captive audience at West Point Military Academy, before Donald Rumsfeld ripped his sheets and all but called the Liar-in-Chief just that in front of a national audience at the Center for Security Policy dinner in Washington DC last night.

Obama gave his ‘WE GIVE UP IN EIGHTEEN MONTHS’ speech in front of a decidedly underwhelmed audience of West Point cadets last night and did everything but give the enemy citizenship and welfare benefits, along with a withdrawal timetable for Afghanistan. Mr ‘Brilliance’ fell all over himself trying to let his muslim brothers know how much he cared and the rest of us how highly we should regard the great and peaceful religion of Islam. More Osama…I mean Obama in Fantasyland. Not only did his left wing Marxikooks not believe him, but he didn’t fool anyone else either. The polish has really come off of this guy’s chrome.

Delaying action on the requests for troops from his commanding officers in Afghanistan, something he has KNOWN was going to be needed since last FEBRUARY yet delaying for months making excuse after excuse, has placed more pressure on the troops in-country, putting them increasingly at risk and causing further deterioration in the tactical situation. His HIP-SLICK-and-COOLNESS lied through his eyeteeth by claiming that the Bush administration had repeatedly denied requests for troops in Afghanistan. Dick Rumsfeld, who has rarely spoken out since leaving the Defense Department, retorted in a blunt statement saying, “Such a bald misstatement, at least as it pertains to the period I served as Secretary of Defense, deserves a response. I am not aware of a single request of that nature between 2001 and 2006″.

Poor Obama can’t seem to get it right. His lies just don’t work very well any more. More and more often, statements that would have gotten by with the lame and increasingly fringe press are getting ripped, practically before they are past the anointed lips.
That’s what happens with pathological liars though…at some point they lose touch with reality and everything is a lie.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009