Once Upon A Time – Another Visit To Fantasyland.

This is one of the days that my editor hates…she likes themes that match titles and have a modicum of logic to them. Shame on her…there’s so much going on right now that my brain gets the whizzies just trying to keep up.

There’s Carol Browner, re-affirming her absolute and slavish faith in the unassailable dogma of the Church of East Anglia. Pass that kool-aid, and don’t let little things like the discovery of the greatest scientific fraud conspiracy, for CONSPIRACY it is, in recorded history bother you. A bunch of elitist, ideologically-driven, leftist scientists with control over data and utilizing a completely incestuous peer review system, to ensure that outside commentary critical of their ‘genie in the bottle’ science was never exposed. All the while, conspiring with equally rabidly left-leaning, ideologically-driven scientists on this side of the pond to help legitimize and disseminate the same junk science. With their willing but not-so-bright accomplices, such as Al Gore and the equally fraudulent United Nations phony carbon trading schemes, power, control and riches were within their grasp. Until a funny thing happened on the way to the forum…the world woke up.

Meanwhile in our nation’s capitol, the usual White House rats are trying to foist off a major breach of security protocol on the Secret Service. The amateur Clown College is in full panic mode trying to cover up.
At the same time the Chief of the Clown College has made a momentous decision which ONLY took about 14 weeks, one that any twelve year old could and would have made in fifteen minutes. That of sending the troops our military commanders had requested, to reinforce the men already in-country in Afghanistan, to accomplish the mission HE sent them over there to do. NOBODY in the military wants to serve under a gutless wonder and that’s what Obama is. Except leave out the ‘wonder’, he’s just gutless.

Now the Senate under the inimitable Dingy Harry Reid has been ‘put on notice’ that Harry will be working weekends to get the most massive rip-off in American history passed. Uh Harry, the Senate only has 14 working days until Christmas. It’s extremely doubtful that the increasingly unpopular Reid can pull it off as Senators on both sides of the aisle begin to think of the rapidly approaching New Year, heralding mid-term elections in front of REALLY angry constituents and a nationwide electorate practically in a state of revolt.

With an economy flat-lined and unemployment affecting 1 out of 5 Americans, no one is willing to give Reid, Pelosi and Obama control over 1/6 of the American economy given their proven inability to manage even the simplest aspects of running this country.
Don’t forget! CALL, EMAIL and WRITE to your Senators and every single one on the Senate list (just google it). Let them know they won’t be re-elected if they vote for this bill. Be CIVIL. Once again,
it’s OK to be angry because we are! It’s OK to be forceful but leave out the four letter words. Those are the domain of the other side. Get ACTIVE! STAY ACTIVE! STAY INVOLVED!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009