Security’s A Top Down Issue – Obama And Crew Inept Here As Well.

Round and round she goes and where it stops nobody knows…the BUCK that is.
The clown circus is in full bloom, but around the Obama White House that’s a 24/7, 365 given. If there’s anything we’ve learned this last year, it’s that Barry and crew operate like the proverbial nut cake in-laws…everybody knows they’re members of the family but nobody wants to admit it.

Now we have the SECURITY breach of the decade. Well, at least the most visible. Because no matter how two people managed to waltz into the Obama’s ultra-glitz state dinner, whether or not they had aid and comfort is a side show, because it’s only a symptom of a disease pervading the tapestry of the entire government. It didn’t start with the Anointed One but he has certainly taken it to new levels of absurdity.
From the utter stupidity of allowing foreign nationals access to our top secret laboratories at Oak Knoll, Sandia and Lawrence Livermore on supposed ‘cultural exchange’, to little or no supervision of these individuals resulted in the loss of top secret nuclear weapons technology. Billy Jeff and George Bush can be credited with these.

Obama has been instrumental at bringing enemy alien terrorists from the jurisdiction of the military tribunals, to which they had pleaded GUILTY, to the shores of this country so that they can spew their venom upon a world stage and be defended by Marxist ACLU attorneys. Make NO mistake, it’s OBAMA and not his stooge Eric Holder.

Our State Department has been so thoroughly penetrated by leftist operatives that it has long ago ceased to serve the best interests of the American people. No President in recent history has been able to make inroads towards cleaning it up. It has been referred to as “Foggy Bottom”, but could be more aptly called “Boggy Swamp”. It does explain many things about the failure of American foreign policy though.
Political Correctness. Another disease affecting the security of America. So insidious as to influence a sitting American President to allow a foreign power (Mexico) to insist on the IMPRISONMENT of Border Patrol agents for pursuing a convicted drug dealer caught in the act of smuggling drugs across our international border. The same political correctness that has perverted the sense of duty of a FOUR STAR general of the US ARMY to the point that when an ‘undiscovered’ Jihadi killed 13 fellow soldiers, his most cogent comment appeared to be that he hoped it didn’t effect the CULTURAL DIVERSITY of the US ARMED FORCES.

At the same time the PC bureaucrats in the FBI rushed to the microphones to state unequivocally that “this was not a terrorist related incident,” practically before the bodies had finished hitting the floor.
The same PC police that tried to hang the Marines at Haditha are now trying to besmirch the Navy SEALS and destroy three of their numbers careers because a known terrorist murderer came up with a fat lip. It’s sad to contemplate that the charges against these men are being pushed forward by people who are not fit to carry their shoe polish.

Barry Hussein’s world is populated by people who couldn’t pass a security clearance on a bet. SOMEONE is giving these Marxists a pass. Who?
Security, or the lack thereof, is a top down issue. Barry hasn’t shown that he can run anything, and in point of fact everything he’s touched has turned to the aft product of a flatulent bovine.
But then his Presidency is sort of looking like a horse’s ass so everybody should feel right at home.
Now it is left to the American people to clean up the mess and air the place out.
It can’t come soon enough for most of us.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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