How Low Can You Go? – In More Ways Than One – Obama Bows Again.

The Empty Suit strikes again. This time he’s bowing and scraping to the Chinese Communist Premier. Fresh from kowtowing to the Japanese Emperor and well-rehearsed, Obama doubled over for Wen Jiabao, again acutely embarrassing himself, though I truly don’t believe he’s smart enough to realize what a horribly huge gaffe this actually is other than the obvious – that no head of state bows to another head of state.

Doesn’t this guy have any handlers with any savvy at all, or are they all complete toadies and afraid to confront His Almightiness? Asians, and most of the world in fact, see subservience as weakness. That’s exactly how Barry Hussein comes off, as weak, ineffectual and subservient.
His denial of American exceptionalism. Apologizing for America being the greatest country on Earth for fanciful and fancied affronts. His image of himself is hip, slick and cool. Most of the rest of us see him as self-aggrandizing, vapid and ineffectual. His ideological drive to subvert the government, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the will of the American people, engenders a word I won’t use here but it starts with ‘T’ and ends with ‘N’. His popularity is dropping like a runaway elevator. He has a Congress scrambling for political cover and a Senate which is about to be launched into a major battle in the closing weeks of this year, with little or no chance of passage of a monstrous attempted enslavement of the American people by January.

Next year will be pivotal. A mid-term election year in which no less than a full third of the Senate face re-election. Having to face an ever more aware and even more angry and irate populace. Many will be wondering whether walking the plank for Harry Reid, whose own re-election bid is in serious doubt, or for Nancy Pelosi, with a less than 21% popularity rating, or a President whose every word is beginning to be seen as something to joke about, will be worth the price. For a price there will be.

2010 is shaping up to be a political bloodbath not seen since the unlamented days of Jimmy Carter, or the 1994 Contract for America introduced by Newt Gingrich only four weeks before the election.
This one is stacking up to be every bit as punishing for the DeMarxists. With the country staggering under unprecedented debt, a flat-lined economy which not even government book-cooking can make look good, and unemployment not seen since the 1930’s. And the only answer Obama’s goofballs have is massive taxation to ’somehow’ create jobs?

The electorate in this country is livid. They are boiling mad. But even worse for DeMarxists, they have become educated on the issues. They see through the hope and change and see changes they do not want and will not tolerate. The Democrats see the resurgence of a revitalized CONSERVATIVE Republican party and this frightens them as well. Because they well know that Conservative ideals and ideas work every time they are tried.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009