Dissention Among Democrat Senators.

Obama just can’t win for losing. NOT that that’s a bad thing. His popularity has dropped so much even the most reliable main stream polls can’t lie, distort or load their results to show anything more than dismal looking numbers for His Immanence. Gallup has him at 48%. Rasmussen has him at a -10 approval rating.  Zogby shows him with a 51% disapproval rating.

Small wonder…this is, as Rush calls him, a man-child. This is not a leader that inspires confidence. I don’t see any indications of this vast intellect lauded to the stars by the fringe, now largely marginalized, press. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any indications of leadership either. His UTTER mismanagement of our foreign policy, the monumental gaffes committed time after time in dealing with friend and foe alike, do not make for building confidence. His administration’s fiscal policies are a TRAIN WRECK. Unemployment ROSE in 29 out of the 50 States last month. Yet he puts on that vapid looking smirk and has the unmitigated temerity to go on (are both teleprompters working?) television to call it a ‘recovery’.

Troops in Afghanistan are bleeding and dying awaiting His Indecisiveness. Hell’s bells, my kid knows we need to send the reinforcements over there to complete the mission. This guy SERIOUSLY needs to be a one term President. No one in the history of this country has screwed the job up this bad or at this hyper speed. This does not bode well for the country. He could cause an awful lot of damage in three years.

Meanwhile, back in the quagmire that has become the Congress of the United States, a menagerie more akin to a lunatic asylum where the nuts have clearly taken over, Dingy Harry’s socialist express has sort of run off the rails. There is some serious internecine warfare going on over in the DeMarxist side of the Senate, despite efforts to sell the Kumbaya image. It may be the best news the REST of the nation has had all month though. The hard left will not go along unless there is a hard-line ‘public’ option. The moderates won’t go along if there is. Others will not go along if there is any provision for funding abortions, which there are.

Additionally,  but probably most telling of all, is that fully 1/3 of the Senate has to face their voters next year in an election and explain to a very angry and aware electorate why they voted yes if they did…or if they do going forward. These folks have already heard plenty from you the American TAX payer, the American citizen, the life blood of this country and they will hear much more. We will highlight these Senators.

Our ammunition will be your activism…your letters, your emails, your phone calls and your visits to these Senators district offices.
And as we used to say in the Marine Corps…STANDBY…TARGETS!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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