Cloture Vote Along Party Lines…Moderates Sell Out.

Harry Reid got his 60 votes to initiate cloture on the Senate version of the health care bill. Mary Landrieu, whose price for selling out the country was 100 million dollars, and Blanche Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election fight next year, were both very careful to qualify and state that they would not vote for any bill in its present form. This sentiment was echoed by a handful of other ‘moderates’.

Dingy Harry has some problems down the pike and there can be no greater indication of that than after the vote total. There was only a sparse smattering of applause, almost none. Every Senator in that room knew that it is a very far from done deal. They won’t be back to start debate on it until November 30.

Next year is an election year and many Democrats in both the House and the Senate will be facing serious challenges with a seriously peed off electorate, which much to their dismay is far better informed than in many previous years. There are some RINO Republicans that may get their tickets out of town punched also. That’s what they’ll be thinking about, as much or more than sticking their necks out for Reid, Pelosi and that Great Grandstanding Empty Suit in the White House.

Once again, YOUR efforts at derailing this beast before it reached a vote were magnificent. THANK YOU!!
This is only the beginning of the fight however. Don’t feel as though we lost anything, because we have enough of these politicians looking over their shoulders and watching the calendar to make a real difference.
Lawmakers will be heading home to their districts for the Thanksgiving holiday…it’s the PERFECT time to reach them in their own district and it doesn’t matter if it’s your district or your Senator or not. It’s your country, it’s OUR Senate, and as much as they like to ignore the fact they are on our payroll. Take the time to look up these Senators’ home district offices and start hammering them there. Email, write letters, tell your friends and family and tell them to tell others. Become an activist. Get mad but then GET BUSY!!

We can beat this bill and we can defeat the DeMarxists…and we can do it using their own playbook.
Activism, real get-down-and-get-dirty grassroots activism, is how we are going to defeat the Marxio-Socialists at their game. Become active at the local level as you continue to make your voice heard at the national level. Start with your local PTA, City, County and Civic Organizations…continue to call, write and email. Stay angry!! You’ve every right to be. These cretins are trying to steal our GOD given birthright.

BECOME INFORMED and don’t be afraid to tell others. I live in one of the most Liberal dominated areas of the nation. I used to take a lot of heat for my Conservative views. I’m not real smart about such things and I’ve spoken my mind in places where perhaps a saner man would fear to tread.

But there’s a change going on out there. Ten thousand Conservative Patriots in the heart of San Francisco to let the Anointed One know that we think his policies and his governance stink. I don’t take as much heat any more and I’m finding that far more people are agreeing with me.
Not on everything perhaps, but then we are AMERICANS and we don’t have to walk in lockstep like the DeMarxist Unionotons or Acorn Community Destabilizers. It’s enough that we agree in principle that we need to step in, step up and save our country.

Another thing…don’t fall for the crap out there about ‘dissension in the ranks of the Tea Party leadership’. The sources of these rumors are pretty easy to identify…it’s bullroar as we used to say in the Corps. Many Republican Senators will be holding town hall meetings over the holiday break, seeking to illuminate and inform constituents and the American public about what exactly is in Harry’s 2074 page monstrosity. Take advantage of the opportunity if you can and let them know we stand behind them.

Remember, they can’t stand against us when we stand together.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009