Senate Notification Continues! Keep The Heat On!!


Last night, I put out a plea for Americans like you to email and call the four ‘moderate’ Senators most likely to affect the voting on the health care bill being forced on Saturday night, 11/21, by Dingy Harry Reid. Senators EVAN BAYH, MARY LANDRIEU, BILL NELSON and BLANCHE LINCOLN.

I’d like to thank ERIC ODOM for linking us to his many readers. I’d also like to thank the editor that drives this machine, Dee, who had to sort through the two thousand or so responses that came in to our appeal. Additionally, thousands more must have gone out that did not, or could not, take time to comment. To say that we were surprised, thankful and gratified would be an understatement. AMERICA is alive and well…God bless you all and KEEP UP THE HEAT!!

At this writing, it appears that Bill Nelson may be feeling bullet proof enough to vote in favor of the unhealthy America bill. Either that, or they have promised him the world to get him to betray his constituents and his country. Likewise, Mary Landrieu has been offered a 100 MILLION dollar pork sandwich. In her typically opportunistic and weather vane fashion, she may be unable…scratch that…unwilling to forego bestowing this largesse that belongs to OTHER Americans in her state, which already had BILLIONS of Federal dollars pumped into it, apparently accomplishing very little, other than greasing skids for bureaucrats and politicians. It’s business as usual in Louisiana.

It’s just possible that these Senators have been promised some cushy  assignment in a ‘future’ Obama administration, or perhaps a lush job with a ‘K’ Street lobbying firm should an aroused electorate bounce their useless carcasses out of there. DON’T put anything past this bunch. It should be readily apparent that they no longer serve the interests of the United States of America, its Constitution or its people. They are on a purely Marxist ideological drive to fundamentally change America into something which AMERICANS don’t want, and which in point of fact is DIAMETRICALLY opposed to the will of the people.

I’ve known for a long time that Americans were outraged and getting more steamed by the minute…but after reading some of your comments…if I were one of those Senators, I’d be damned uncomfortable.

DON’T STOP NOW!! I hate to keep picking on him, but Mark Levin has asked his radio listeners to call, email and write these four and all members of the Senate as well. He has a huge audience. We shut down their phones today as their message boxes are full. Keep calling, emailing and writing those letters. Be courteous but be firm…it’s ok to tell them off but do it in a civil manner. Don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s not having an effect because it IS! A lot of these politicians are looking over their shoulders to see when the pitchfork mob will show up on the horizon…and DESERVEDLY SO.

Don’t listen to some of the supposed ‘conservative’ turncoats in the lame stream media, they are just somebody’s lapdog anyway, and chances are I’VE got a larger readership than most of those clowns.
Keep the kettle boiling under these jokers…America for Americans now! This is our country and it’s damned sure worth fighting for!

Once again, the four Senators are:
Evan Bayh, Indiana
Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
Bill Nelson, Florida
Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas

Just because we have shut down their Senate office phones, don’t stop there. Go online and get the phone numbers for their district offices and continue to let them know what you think. For instance, Dianne Feinstein has her Washville message center shut down…BUT you can still get through to her San Francisco offices. Let them know how you feel.

God bless you and God bless America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009