On Notice!!! Senators Evan Bayh, Mary Landrieu, Bill Nelson, Blanche Lincoln.

This is going to be short and sweet today. The four Senators names you see above are the ‘moderates’ that Dingy Harry Reid has to have to pass the Senate version of the health care monstrosity, waiting out there to enslave you and ALL your antecedents, all 2074 pages of it.

Republican Senators intend to force a reading of every word of it in prime time. It’s all according to Senate rules so it doesn’t look like the DeMarxists can stop it. It will take between 34 and 54 hours to accomplish, by which time there will undoubtedly be some squirming going on while various Senators reach for their hemorrhoid pads. Whatever Americans that are out there who are not tar-and-feathers angry about this fraud, WILL BE  by the end of this reading. Either that or they are brain dead. In point of fact, Senate rules call for THREE readings of each new piece of legislation. Look for Republican Senators to insist on it.

This legislation is NOT health reform, it is a criminal enterprise reinforced by the full force of the the US Government. It will lower the living standard of every American and will condemn many to an impossible state of poverty. It will impoverish our children and their children. It will not cost any 849 billion dollars either. According to the Heritage Foundation the ACTUAL cost will be 2.44 TRILLION dollars. Let’s see, between Dingy Harry and the Heritage Foundation…I’ll take the Foundation.

The DeMarxists don’t want you to know about that. In fact, there’s very little in that legislation that they DO want you to know about.
This is likely to come up for a vote within the next week. We can influence this thing and possibly stop it by contacting your own Senator and the four Senators shown above. Call and email them and let them know that we will hold them responsible for their vote. Their own constituents are against this bill but there is HUGE pressure on them to vote for it.

Dingy Harry wrote a couple of pages in there especially to entrap Mary Landrieu…about 100 million in pork if I recall correctly. The White House, Rahm Emanuel and the Democrat leadership are in full court press to get these Senators to ignore principle and betray their constituents and YOU, the American people.

So much for short and sweet. Call and email the Senators listed below and let them know we stand WITH them as long as THEY stand on principle. Let them know also that we WILL work to hound them from office if they vote for this travesty.

Senator Evan Bayh, Indiana, 202-224-5623
Senator Mary Landrieu, Louisiana, 202-224-5824
Senator Bill Nelson, Florida, 202-224-5274
Senator Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas, 202-224-4843

Stand up for America!  Encourage them to be strong, to fight for the rights of all Americans and vote NO on this monstrosity.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009