Patrick ‘Leaky’ Leahy Attempts To Stack Federal Courts Again.

Here we go again. Obama and his cohorts in the Senate are hell bent on accomplishing the destruction of our civil society before the 2010 elections and are attacking us through the judicial appointments route.

Knowing full well that the cat is out of the bag, several cats as a matter of fact, on the true nature of the DeMarxist socialist agenda for America. Knowing that they face an increasingly uphill road to continue to buffalo the American people into believing the lies and obfuscations they’ve been delivering and having to face a hostile electorate.

Democrats, watching support for them and their agenda melting away in the polls, having  to face the  possibility that they face a real waxing in the 2010 elections and possibly beyond, are reverting to their most favored  tactic, which is to suborn the election process and the will of the people  through the judiciary. Nothing new there. Super kudos to Mark Levin for being all over this thing today, while everyone else seems oblivious to the real dangers this issue holds.

Judicial activism is nothing new to our federal courts. Neither is it new to the Democratic party. Franklin Roosevelt, with the  “Judiciary Reorganization Plan” of 1937, also known as the ‘court packing plan’, kicked the whole thing off. He was responsible for the appointment of no less than eight members of the Supreme Court during his twelve years in office…replacing justices hostile to his socialist agenda with those more friendly to his ‘New Deal’ policies.

Enter Patrick ‘Leaky’ Leahy, the man who couldn’t keep a classified secret to save his life, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. How the HELL do we allow such men and women into positions of power and influence? Leahy is moving forward legislation to increase federal judgeships AGAIN, after having tried it WITH some Republican co-sponsors last year. He is asking for 12 new judgeships in six courts of appeal and 51 judgeships in 25 district courts. He has 17 Democrat co-sponsors and no Republicans on this one.

The implications for the people’s voice to stand, if Obama and his Marxists are able to stack the courts with Maoist ACLU types, are grim. Yet we keep seeing where certain RINO moderate Republicans would make an accommodation with their Democratic counterparts, at the expense of the constituency they purportedly serve.

We have to put the word out NOW that any Republican who supports any of  these appointments, or who fails to fight every one of these appointments, may as well start packing now. This is an area we cannot afford to lose. We have to fight these people at every turn. There can be NO accommodation. There can be NO deal making.
There can be NO more RINO Republican turncoats.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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