Oba-Trotsky Goes To Copenhagen But The Patient Is DOA.

Cap and Trade is a lot like what we used to call Search and Destroy, with the emphasis on destroy because that is exactly the effect it would have on our already staggering economy.

Americans, having had a severe gut check behind His Imminence Barack the First’s proposed fiscal nightmares, are telegraphing Congress that it better have as much chance of passing as the proverbial snowball in hell…or else.

Representatives, that hung it all in the wind for Obama, Pelosi and Reid on the House’s bare passage of the health care bill, are having  buyers regret now that the steaming mad public whiplash is being felt. Serious challenges are being mounted in all marginal Democratic districts as we speak and in many that are not.

The triumvirate of the the Obama administration’s dream list is the health care theft of 1/6 of the US economy; the cap and tax bone crusher of American jobs, American industry, American families; and the AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS bill, which is even now being worked on by both Democrats and Republicans who, by the way, should be targeted to be voted out of office as well. That’s another story.

The Health Care issue is on life support over in the Senate and unlikely to emerge any time soon, if at all. Harry Reid may try for the ‘nuclear’ option on it by sending it to budget reconciliation, which would require only 51 votes. Democrats rightly fear that this measure would create a political backlash that most are unwilling to face in 2010.

Cap and Trade, the second pillar of the Obama drive to force socialization upon the American people, is ‘on the back burner’ for now for much the same reason. Lawmakers are beginning to understand that the STAGGERING cost to the economy and the American people is a price that cannot be born…hence another potential tidal wave of political mayhem. The surest indication of this is the announcement from the Copenhagen committee that there ‘will be no legally binding treaty’ at the ‘climate’ summit.

What that means, by the way, is that without the co-operation of the United States of America the economics of the whole thing just won’t work. It’s the same reason KYOTO didn’t work…no US to bleed dry. Without India and China and with the EU faltering,  it turns the upcoming Copenhagen conference into so much hot air and the chief source of that hot gas will be Barack Obama.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009