America’s Great Apologist Grovels Again.

I’ve been looking for something else to write about. Some change from the distressing, embarrassing and depressing norm in the news in this country these days. I’d like to do something light and optimistic.

Sorry folks, just haven’t come across any Sugar Plum Fairies lately…unless you want to count Obama’s economic program…it’s for sure a fantasy, albeit a very dangerous one. I’d like, as well, to refer to him as Mr. President or President Obama, but somehow he just doesn’t match up with the honorific. He may be somebody’s  president but he’s not mine. Not by virtue of his actions towards the the military of this great country for which he shows great disregard and disdain.

Look at his face when he speaks of our military, or the WARS they have to fight on our behalf, or the mission they have been given. He lies, he lies all the time. His face and his body-language speak worlds about him… his disdain and dismissal of the American people despite his mealy-mouthed platitudes and empty promises. His megalomaniacal schemes, so tied to his massive self-aggrandizement. The perfect profile for a tyrant-in-waiting. The guy acts like a skinny Hugo Chavez.

Not satisfied to wreck everything he touches domestically, he’s off to Asia to grovel at the feet of more foreign leaders. BOWING before this Emperor and Empress of Japan. They are nice dignified people…but not deserving of genuflection from the ‘leader’ of the greatest country on earth.
This is the second time His Irrelevance has done this you will recall. A head of state does not bow to a head of state…doesn’t this clown have a protocol chief? Or maybe the protocol chief is as feckless as he is. I have a private theory about why Barry consistently has to denigrate this country and abase himself in front of foreigners, who despise us more after he’s done than if he’d just stayed the hell home.

In a nutshell, (and no I’m not referring to Nancy-with-the-stapled-eyelids-Pelosi) it’s because he’s an EMPTY SUIT…literally, there’s no there, there. He doesn’t respect himself and so has no respect for others. He was kicked from pillar to post as a kid. What moral grounding he did get was from all the wrong places. He’s bitter and warped, he hates this country. He despises our Judeo-Christian principles. He is an admirer of a philosophy which seeks to destroy us and he seeks to ingratiate himself with others of that belief system, to have us believe that it is an ‘outreach’ to a peaceful religious philosophy when all evidence points to the contrary. He can’t understand why Americans aren’t rushing to embrace him, his warped and out of control Marxist Democratic party and his oppressive, destructive and repressive policies.

I am VERY impressed with the people of this greatest country on earth. The huge move towards Patriotism and Constitutional law that is sweeping this land from coast to coast is heartening and exciting.
It is so much more than a political revival. It is America reasserting the values that our founders built into the foundations of this Republic. It’s Americans asserting America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009

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