Just Who Is Obama Working For?

It can’t be the American people…WE didn’t ask that the most virulently dangerous terrorists on earth be brought to American soil, so that they could be defended at the bar of our courts by Marxist ACLU attorneys and given rights that should be reserved only for citizens of this country. Eric Holder and associates have a lot to answer for.

Meanwhile, the Osama–whoops slip of the tongue that– the Obama mis-administration is busy with a purely Soviet-style purge in our government, that far outshines anything that Bill and Hill did at the advent of their ‘most ethical administration in history’, beginning with the firing of the White House travel office employees.

Mr Fair-and-Open is going back FIVE YEARS to purge Republican and Conservative appointees, to replace them with good little Trotskyite apparatchiks like Anita Dunn, another fatality of the people of this country actually listening to what these Politburo types say and then holding them to it.

Obama can’t make a decision or WON’T make a decision to reinforce our forces in harms way, but he sure seems to be able to make every wrong decision possible regarding this country, its people and its rapidly failing economy. We have political correctness operating in high gear throughout the highest command of our military…this HAS to be a top down attitude. Not ALL of our military…the  attitude of the chain of command down at the level of the combat commands is a little different, thank God. But no less affected by it, because they cannot help BUT be affected by a weak and cowardly Commander-in-Chief.

The question is, as I’m sure many millions of Americans have secretly asked themselves, just who or what is Obama working for…who is it that’s yanking this guys chain? Can it be that he’s REALLY that stupid, inept and naive? It is as suspicious as all get out that his Muslim outreach program just happens to encompass bringing internationally known terrorists into our courtrooms, where they will be able to make a mockery of our system and allow a grandstanding display to encourage others like them around the world. Meanwhile, rabid leftist attorneys, who already having done much to destroy our Constitution and our system of jurisprudence, attempt to get them off on one technicality or another that they may again be able to go forth and murder more Americans. Any one or two of these factors could be written off as coincidental. Taken as a totality, it’s mind boggling.

We were warned for years about the evils of socialism and communism and it’s here.
We have an awful lot to do to save our country. We must be strong of faith and will. We must join with our families, friends and neighbors, together with all like-minded patriots, to defeat this monstrous evil once and for all.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009