Obama’s Third World America. Equality At Last.

Liberals and Marxists everywhere are quick to point to Fidel Castro’s Cuba as the ideal socialist society. Insipid pandering celebs such as Michael Moore, Sean Penn and Harry Belafonte are all over themselves lauding the place to the skies. Understand…they wouldn’t want to LIVE there. Not as ordinary citizens anyhow, much like our Congress won’t LIVE under the health care that they are proposing for us.

I’m forever astounded at the consistency of liberal thought versus action. It’s always for someone ELSE to do or say, or think or live by. Never themselves. Wherefore the disconnect? I’ll stick with my brain lesion theory.

Not too long ago, we had a massive state of emergency in the Gulag of Cuba when it was announced that there was a critical shortage of toilet paper. See, if they’d just listened to Sheryl Crowe… they don’t grow corn in Cuba so no corn cob… and sugar cane don’t work so well…how about tobacco leaf? Gee, they can always carry a bottle of water and emulate the middle eastern example…wonder how long that would take to catch on with the trendy lefty crowd? Now we have a severe shortage of power and clean water. What a surprise…shortages in this worker’s paradise?

Handsome UGO Chavez has announced severe shortages as well, as has Brazil which just had a power outage affecting 60,000,000 people (that’s sixty MILLION people for you math challenged libs out there), due to nothing more than very poorly maintained power transmission lines.

Our own flu vaccine production has become a rancid joke under “GOVERNMENT” supervision. People all over the country are unable to access a vaccine that we have had ample time and warning to prepare.
It’s so embarrassing that the Obama administration has stopped ginning up the pandemic hysteria because of their obvious ineptitude in managing a largely manufactured crises. This is BEFORE ‘healthcare’ is even passed.

By way of example and a harbinger of our own future if we don’t STAND UP and stop these Marxist dilettantes, the socialist health care system in the UK is on the verge of imploding. They can’t pump enough money into it to make it work. It produces nothing but bureaucracy and mismanagement, to say nothing of very poor and inadequate patient care…almost indifferent. I personally know of one lady in Wales who has waited well over a year to see a specialist over a rotator cuff problem. She has told me of a friend of hers who waited EIGHTEEN MONTHS for an eye operation that I obtained here in two weeks.

Insane levels of taxation and regulation are causing a massive exodus of business and manufacturing overseas, while all the DeMarxists and the wannabe Dictatorate in the White House do is grope for more money, while planting ever more burden on the backs of the citizenry.
Socialized health care…hell’s bells…SOCIALIZED ANYTHING has failed miserably wherever it has been tried. A quick look at any unrevised history will tell the tale very quickly.

It’s time we told the Obama bunch just exactly that and we will not have any part of it.
Elections are coming in 2010 and we need to sweep the boards clean!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009