Political Correctness…Terrorism’s Happy Place.

It’s a sad, very frightening scenario. Something that has late heroes like George S. Patton and Lewis B. ‘Chesty’ Puller, leaders who were warriors, rotating at 78 rpm in their graves.

We have a Four Star General of the United States Army more concerned about ‘diversity’ and political correctness, than in the execution of the world war on terror and combating possible infiltration of our fighting forces by individuals, who may or may not have an affinity for the pernicious evils of militant Islam. It ain’t your daddy’s Army anymore.

They are making special exemptions to allow people into the military who wouldn’t clear receiving barracks ten years ago. We don’t have a  military COMBAT frame of mind in the high command of the armed forces, we have SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION on a grand scale. Political correctness of the sort that allowed a Major Malik Nidal Hasan to not only slip through the cracks, but  simply ignore glaring warnings. Not just a few, there were many. Where were the people who should have taken note and taken action?

We have PC spin apologists calling it everything but what it was. Stress syndrome! What stress? The guy was an officer in a cush job that was essentially a sinecure when compared to most Army officer assignments. It was a plain murder by a homicidal jihadist who planned exactly what he was going to do.
Just because he was not directly linked to one of the known Al Qaeda  terror groups makes him no less one of them. His cry of Allahu Akbar as he started his murderous rampage pretty much nails that one down.

The question begs…HOW THE HELL DID THIS GUY PASS BACKGROUND CHECKS? Unless it was because he WAS Muslim and the pressure on Army personnel to treat these people differently. This is the price of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in the military, or anywhere in our society for that matter. A practical mind would call it just plain damn stupidity.

I’ve seen some media types wringing their hands and bemoaning that Major Hasan was supposedly ‘harassed’ by fellow soldiers…the kind of  statement that could only have been made by someone who had never been closer to the military than a television. Harassed!? Harassed by whom? The man was an officer. Certainly, no enlisted man would have said anything to him, either directly or in front of another officer. They would have instantly risked being brought up on charges. If someone had something to say about him, it would have been in private and around men of comparable rank. Even saying something in front of a senior non-com would have been to risk a dressing down. Another officer? Maybe one with a half a snoot full at the Officers Club? But such things are ungentlemanly and are generally frowned upon. Maybe another officer in private, calling him on his dangerously un-American views? Perhaps, but it would have to be one of equal or higher rank. Seems that there are a lot of people, in and out of the military, trying to make excuses for Major Hasan’s actions. There’s a glaring question mark behind that one also.

What about the rest of the Muslims in our military? We have had a Sergeant roll a grenade into a room, killing two officers and wounding fourteen others in Kuwait. He was a Muslim convert. There have been other domestic terror plots against our military, it is to be noted however, not connected to any service personnel.
What about the soldiers who have to serve with the Muslim troops? How often do they ask themselves, “Is this dude going to go off one of these days?” AND what is the Army doing about that?

Has anyone gotten around to asking General Casey, while he’s busy protecting the Muslim troops in the Army from any ‘backlash’, what he is doing to protect the rest of the troops from them? Fair or not, they are part of a group of people known to espouse and nurture a virulently violent philosophy that worships death. It seems a little insane not to scrutinize them as well. Political correctness be damned.
It appears that it is the only way to ensure we don’t have any more Malik Nidal Hasans.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009